We recently had an unusual visit to a new micro-brewery start-up in London, who have taken a small worship unit and begun literally producing their own beer. It is apparently an emerging market, particularly in the south east, where people want the variety of different craft ales and drinks rather than just the main-stream options.

Although it was a social visit, with cleaning-eyes on it opened up a whole new realm of cleaning! It’s not the sort of thing most people end up getting involved with, but if you do or come across someone who does, or involved in other similar messy ventures, then here are four unusual cleaning angles to consider that you might not automatically think of:

1. The Floors Take an Awful Lot of Washing

With this example, they actually had to lay an extra layer of concrete floor-base so they could run a drain-channel in the middle with the new level sloping towards it. This means when they do wash-down all the brewing equipment with say a hose pipe, it all nicely falls within the drain (an internal water-tap and hose pipe also essential it seemed).

2. There is Endless Pipework That Needs Disinfectant

Not just a quick wipe, but lots of ’treatment’ to make sure it’s squeaky-clean, as these pipes are taking the flow of beer that people will eventually be drinking.

3. Be Ready For When You Pour the Final Beer Into the Kegs

Here’s a photo of the aftermath, and lots of spilt beer as you literally fill the kegs with the finished product. There had to be a plastic sheet underneath to stop the beer flowing everywhere, and being careful in cleaning this all up afterwards.

4. Be Ready for the Smell

Not strictly part of the man cleaning, but something to be aware of. When the actual brewing process takes place, there is an odour that needs ventilation to the outside – fortunately the neighbours were symphonic in this case!

Of course this is all to do with the actual beer-making side of the business, but as with any other business there are those more general areas of cleaning to always keep on top of, whether behind the scenes or those that people infact first see.

So there are the toilets and general storage areas, plus any kind of delivery vehicles, and in this case forklift truck. There are also the main offices, reception area, and in this scenario, a clean-collection of pint glasses ready to sample a drink in.

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