As a local Birmingham cleaning agency, we summarise the 7 most important aspects to choosing the right cleaning company in Birmingham. These are what make cleaning nice and easy for you, and the benchmark to the service that each of our cleaner provides.

So here is a quick look at each one of these factors from the perspective of aspects that are sometimes misunderstood. So a look at what they are not, just as much as what they actually are, in order to fully appreciate just what they mean for people:

1. Our Pricing is the Most Competitive, Which in Most Cases Will Be the Cheapest But Not in Every Case

This may sounds crazy I know, but just to place this in context, we will always provide the best value for money for the exact job being proposed, and not some standard rate which at first glance may appear cheap, but in reality is no fair match.

So if there is a small cleaning task far away as a one off, then we will make sure the total cost is understood, and admit if it will be in actual fact cheaper for another alternative in that situation and being honest if that is the case.

2. A Free Quote is Not Just Standard Rates

So in actual fact linked with the point above, we will always issue a quotation for the task in question, whether that involves an initial look at the area and meeting with people, or based upon initial facts. This will totally reflect the reality of the instruction, and not a generic rate per hour, but with a clear indication of the people, time, and travel involved with it.

And all of course, provided completely free of charge.

3. The Guarantee is For Our Work, Not Any Others

We offer a full 48-hours guarantee on our cleaning work, and will happily re-clean or issue a payment back for anything simply not up to standard.

Of course to be fair though, we do need to make sure there has not been any additional cleaning-requirement created afterwards, and that there is not a huge amount of time that has since passed. Unfortunately we have had to become involved in cleaning up the mess of another separate cleaning company in Birmingham.

4. A Professional and Friendly Service

The secret to this is a careful balance between these two sides of the cleaning service, so yes we will always make sure a professional and efficient service is received, however still making this friendly and personable.

5. Flexibility is the Key, When You Know About It

By the nature of what we do, being at different locations at various times for all kinds of tasks, we know that all our cleaners need to be flexible. That’s fine, we only ask we know about it, whether that’s up front or if there are sudden change of events, just keep us posted and will work around it.

6. Compliance Has to Count

We don’t want to provide information that is not needed or does not make sense, so we issue what we need to as requested, and all based around the individual cleaner and the task at hand.

7. Access is the Hidden Gem

Everything else can be set up good-to-do, to then realise the obvious fact of not being able to access the cleaning area, and any ancillary areas like storage areas. We therefore like to get this clarified right up front, and know all the access codes, keys, and arrangements that our clients want us to know about.

How to Make it Cleaning Easy

So just to re-cap, here are 7 core reasons how we make your cleaning nice and easy, with the above points helping to clarify when these are sometimes not fully understood. Contact us today for immediate help and advice.