window cleaning tips covid19 easy cleanersIn hard times like the Covid-19 pandemic, we often see services like window cleaning being the first ones to be cut back, particularly as part of office cleaning measures.

Upon first impressions, you can see why; something that appears to be a luxury, and will hopefully have a limited effect on how buildings look.

Therefore, reduce or even end such cleaning services in order to save costs in these hard times.

Unfortunately, the reality is often very different. You may be stuck in a contract anyway, and in the summertime, it’s amazing how dirty windows will soon stick-out with bright sunshine coming through and make the whole place suddenly feel filthy.

Plus, there can be a slow build-up of mess ranging from bird-poop to general grime, that is then even harder to remove later on down the line effectively.

However, point taken that it can still be seen as an easy fix, and, therefore, if customers do want to go down this line, then here are three specific ways in which you can reduce the level of window cleaning and therefore the overall cost.

1. Reduced Frequency of Visits

Usually, we advise window cleaning to be between one and three months apart, depending upon the type of property, needs of the client, and ‘dirtiness’ of the windows.

So, with domestic properties maybe every month to keep spick and span, whereas commercial properties more several months.

Well simply stretching this out will immediately bring cost savings.

As an example, moving to every two months instead of one, or even four months instead of every two will literally halve your window cleaning cost overnight.

Okay it’s not ideal, but you still see coverage without a drastic reduction in cover, but notable cost savings.

2. Smaller Area of Coverage

Secondly, you can reduce the areas being covered.

This might be literally the number of windows, so maybe only the ones that are in areas being regularly used, or you can focus on say just the internal surfaces rather than the outside areas.

However, two words of caution here.

Firstly, it can look very strange when one part of the building looks nice and clean, whereas the other still looks dirty.

And if you’re only doing the inside or outside and not the other, then it can be wasted with the dirty-side still showing through anyway.

Secondly, the cost savings will not be as big as you might think.

So half the cost of windows will not mean half the cost, as you still have to pay for the window cleaner to be there and be geared-up.

Once they are, then it’s not actually that much extra to include a few more windows anyway.

3. Different People Carrying Out

And number three is bringing other ‘cheaper’ people in to do the job.

So maybe the regular internal cleaner can include windows in their specification and hours, or even other people on-site getting involved with basic-level cleaning such as internal windows near their workstation or entrance doors.

However, be very careful with this approach, though, as window cleaning carries all kinds of risks and levels that people need to note and risk assess correctly.

Reducing Window Cleaning Services and Costs

As you go through the above three measures, the point is to look at how you can reduce the whole window cleaning service and cost as a quick-fix to budget issues in these Covid-19 times; with hopeful plans to re-instigate again in the future.

As you will see from these, it’s important to drill down into the detail, and not just broadly state a reduced service without thinking through how you want this to shape up.

Plus, the priority of these factors is also worth considering, the easier ones at the beginning. So, reducing the frequency is a good one to look at first, followed by the areas being covered, and then finally others being involved.

After you have this correctly assessed, then make sure it is clearly documented, any documentation such as new Risk Assessments correctly issued.

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