You probably think cleaning up your BBQ space means mowing the lawn, collecting dead leaves, trimming the hedge and maybe pushing the broom around a bit. Well you’d be wrong.

Taking care of the outdoor space around your home can be a lot more rewarding and in this post we’re going to show you how.


Got one of those large woven fabric umbrellas or parasols that came with your outdoor furniture set? You know, the one that goes through the hole in the middle of the table and screws into a base?

It looked great the first time you put it up but then autumn arrived and you forgot to put the umbrella away. Now it’s got dead leaves and moths caught up in the folds and mildew stains all over. Generally it has seen better days.

How Can We Get it Back to Tip Top Condition for the Summer?

You might be thinking of using hot water with detergents to really give it a deep clean to get those stains out. Well doing that would take off the protective coating that your umbrella originally came with. Yes, the fabrics that your umbrella is made with were more than likely treated with chemicals to reduce the chances of becoming stained or being vulnerable to mildew and mould.

Instead get some oxygen bleach and mix half a cup with 23 litres of warm water (make sure it is not hot). Get some rubber gloves on and scrub the fabric with a brush. This should get out the stains and mildew in no time.

Perhaps you were thoughtful and put your umbrella away in the garage at the end of summer last year but it has still picked up some light stains. In that case try some mild soap with a brush instead of the oxygen bleach.

Metal Furniture

You might have a great metal bench that is looking a little tatty with faded paint.The same kind of paste wax that goes on to a car body during manufacture can be used on regular metal furniture. It’s called carnauba paste wax and it looks great on metal outdoor furniture.

Why not give your bench or garden table a coat. You can use paintbrushes but an old tea towel may be more practical. Once you have gone over the bench (or chair, or table) leave it sufficient time to dry and then buff it with a soft cloth. The original paint will be shiny and almost as good as new.

You shouldn’t have to do it each year since the wax will resist water. This means you don’t have to worry about your metal outdoor furniture getting rusty in the rain.

Care For Your Lawn

Yes, we mentioned mowing the lawn earlier but you can do more than that to care for it. Especially since everyone loves to look out onto a nice, green space. It is natural that we humans find green areas relaxing to look at so do your best to make yours a pleasant area.

Bare patches on any lawn - no matter how big or small - can be annoying and make your garden look tatty with patches of brown soil here and there. Avoid this by filling in any bare patches with the relevant grass seed and watch the grass grow day by day.

If your lawn is generally looking a little tired why not give it some pep by dousing it in fertiliser? Good fertilizer is relatively inexpensive, easy to apply and brings swift results. In no time your lawn will be greener and fuller.

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