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  • 10 End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips to Save Your Bacon

    pre end of tenancy clean easy cleaners birminghamAs part of our end of tenancy cleaning service in Birmingham and beyond, we tend to find that there’s lots of little extra things to be aware of over and beyond normal cleaning activities. This is for a unique situation with high expectations of a thorough clean for a new person to take over, that often needs doing quickly and in line with documents like the tenancy agreement and inventory.
    Therefore here are 10 of our Easy Cleaners top tips for when you’re in this scenario of end-of-tenancy cleaning:

    1. Remember the Rubbish 

    This tends to mount up more than you might think, particularly once you start digging through cupboards and storage areas. In addition to usual bin bags of rubbish, you may have old furniture and cardboard boxes, making sure these can easily be removed or agreed to be left.

    2. Access all Areas 

    Every bit counts, whether that’s old storage areas under the stairs or cupboards, and even outside areas and garages. You can also have external patio and car park areas, in addition to the usual internal areas. 
    You also need to make sure that access to the property is good to go, with any keys and alarm codes easily communicated and agreed with any occupiers or other contractors.

    3. Deal with Documentation 

    This is the key to effective agreement for end-of-tenancy cleaning, as this is the main reason why so many rental deposits are queried by landlords and managing agents because of their belief that the cleaning by the vacating tenant is not up to scratch. 
    Any tenancy agreement needs careful analysis to determine exactly what is required, and then any final Cleaning Checklists and Schedules agreed with the cleaner.

    4. Timing is Key

    Quick cleaning right at the very end of the occupation is critical before any formal hand over date, therefore make sure this can all happen in plenty of time. 
    In addition, allow time for any hick-ups and things generally being slower amidst the busyness of the current occupiers packing and getting ready to leave.

    5. High Expectations

    The bar is high with what’s expected, particularly from a new tenant or the main landlord. 
    A vacating tenant may well do a reasonable clean that under normal circumstances will suffice, but for this context the extra mile is needed to get everything covered and it looking and smelling oh so clean for the new occupier.

    6. In Depth Cleaning

    This high expectation will need to filter through to actual deeper cleaning in some cases, not just looking and smelling nice and fresh. 
    So areas like ovens and appliances in the kitchen may need that extra mile, and additional carpet cleans if there are stains and mess to clear up. Even window cleaning may require a specialist to reach those high and outside areas.

    7. Damages & Forgotten Goods 

    As a cleaner breezes around, they can easily spot things amiss. Whether that’s a broken ornament or tenants personal items left somewhere. 
    In line with any inventory, this can provide helpful feedback to the landlord and managing agent to resolve with the outgoing tenant.

    8. Short Term Lets 

    So in addition to traditional AST lets, there is a whole new area of very short term almost overnight lets, particularly through intermediaries like Airbnb. 
    Therefore make sure these are understood, and the workload and frequency fully accommodated for.

    9.  Furnishing Right

    Okay, at the end of the clean it needs to look pukka. So go the extra mile and make sure it does, whether its neatly piled towels in the bedroom, or a vase of flowers in the kitchen. 
    This of course isn’t necessarily the cleaner’s role, but ask anyway, and see if they have any ideas and suggestions.

    10. People Count

    You have lots of people interests here, from landlords and managing agents, to estate agents, and then actual tenants themselves and other contractors. 
    Know who’s involved and who calls the shots, and seek genuinely helpful ways to help others anyway 

    Effective End of Tenancy Cleaning

    Therefore before any cleaning is agreed and completed at the end of the lease, make sure the right people involvement, document-observance, time-scales, and check-lists are agreed in order to ensure that things are in tip-top condition. This will make sure things run like clock work and there are no nasty surprises.
  • How to Easily Clean a Student’s Home at the End of a Tenancy

    end of tenancy cleaning birmingham easy cleanersWhen a student comes to the end of their residence, there can be a whole range of cleaning to catch up on. This is often with universities and colleges where students are living in prescribed accommodation or separate student digs with others, and at the end of the academic year or terms where there are key points of change.
    Effective cleaning is of course important anyway, but where a home or room is let from a landlord or other establishment, then this is where handing back the room in a good clean condition is key. These end-of-tenancy cleaning scenarios usually state that everything has to be handed back in the good clean condition of when they found it, fair wear and tear maybe being allowed.
    This is really a combination of a general clean and more specific end-of-tenancy clean for other kinds of general letters although with a few unique twists and turns to bear in mind. Student life can be messy to say the least, which is fine so long as it's kept on top of by the end, but the dynamics of others being involved and nagging landlords can make things interesting.
    So here are a few student cleaning tips for those looking at a student clean-up. Whether you're a student needing to do this, a landlord needing to ensure if happens correctly, a worried friend or family member wondering if they have to step in and help, or a middle-man like a letting agent - this will help everyone get more of a handle on students end-of-tenancy cleaning:

    1. Deposits 

    Remember that a deposit held by a landlord could be kept if things aren't cleaned up correctly. For certain short-term residential leases this has to be kept separately from a landlord and a fair procedure adhered to in order to release it. Therefore not only check what the requirements are to release but that it has been correctly noted in the first place.
    Ideally work with the landlord or letting agent to agree what needs doing and when, and then when actual monies will be agreed. There may be an initial inventory showing the original moving-in condition to refer to. Make sure cleaning isn't duplicated by a landlord sending in cleaners afterwards for just a few small extras like a carpet clean and instead getting the whole place unnecessarily cleaned up as well.

    2. The End 

    Get a final definition of when things come to an end. This may sound too simple to be true, but it can save a lot of confusion afterwards.
    So if there is a final hand-back date to the landlord, then make sure each student actually leaves well before then and gives ample time to clean up afterwards. You may need to focus on each individual room first, and then tackle the communal living areas last.
    Then look at how this will all be determined as acceptable with the landlord, maybe a day or so before the agreed end to give time for people to then go in and finish off any other bits missed.

    3. A Load of Rubbish 

    Removing rubbish is always a problem anyway, particularly so with student life. There can be tonnes of items left to get rid of, from old and broken items, general cardboard boxes and rubbish, and all those little extras such as old pizza boxes under the sofa.
    Not only make sure it's all accounted for, including anything stashed away in store cupboards, but then work out how it will all practically be taken away. You may need a separate trip to the tip with extra bags and items, in which case transport will need to be arranged with students not tending to have their own cars to do so.
    Maybe you can all chip in and pay for a special collection, and check to see if anything can be recycled not only to save the planet but be more cost effective.

    4. Cleaning Products and Equipment

    The good news is that you don't have to get carried away with things, which is good news with students who are on a budget and will tend to favour straight-forward discounted goods from a local supermarket, for example.
    So stick with the basics, a good cloth, ideally microfibre, a good general all-purpose spray, and something a little bit stronger for, say, the toilet and areas like the oven and taps. A good old mop and bucket is helpful for floors, and of course some good gloves and possibly apron if you're getting really stuck in. Of yes, and lots of bin bags of course as well.
    Hopefully you have a vacuum cleaner anyway, but make sure it's up for a big clean up, and you don't need to get any extra bags or even clean the vacuum itself.
    On a practical note, you may need to get everyone chipping in with this on a shared basis, unless everyone just does themselves, and be careful of automatically using any existing items which you don’t know the history of and may have been around for years.

    5. The Extra Mile 

    A quick flick around with a hoover and duster probably won't cut the mustard, and you're going to have to go deeper.
    Actually start from the top and ideally with a long feather duster get rid of cobwebs etc near the ceiling, and remember to check areas like picture rails, curtains and rails, lampshades, and windows and sills.
    Back at ground level, focus on doors, handles and mirrors to thoroughly wipe off all smears and stains, and always give the skirting a wipe down. It's amazing what good old hot water and cloth with some elbow grease can achieve.
    Of course you have all the hidden and special areas like kitchen cupboards and bedroom wardrobes and desks to include, and all the equipment like microwaves and ovens, and apparatus like taps with lime scale that will need that extra TLC.
    And don't forget to move items of furniture to cheek underneath and behind them.
    To finish off you then have floors, often the last job on the list. Hopefully this is simple vacuum cleaning and mopping, remembering to get right into the edges and underneath things.

    6. The Heavy Mob 

    Even with a good deep clean, there may be things just too much to cope with, in which case you need to bring in some heavy-mob help. Whether this is a cleaning company or some well-researched friends and family, this can help save the day.
    Maybe the oven needs a full oven clean, or the carpets a separate carpet clean. There may be stains in certain areas as well, plus upholstery like sofas and curtains to have looked at.
    A real nasty one may be the drains and any smells and blockages that you come across not for the faint hearted, with special substances to clear them being the first point of call.
    You may also come across repairs and damage that border on some good DIY and handyman skills, whether new bulbs, a loose door handle and lock, and damaged areas of wall once things like posters come off them.

    7. The Outside Areas 

    Don't forget any outside areas in the frenzy of getting the inside ones perfected.
    This could be just straight forward paths and rear yards, with all kinds of dumped rubbish and old bikes, cigarette ends and after-party mess, and even neglected grass and planted areas that need a bit of gardening green fingers.
    Remember any other hidden areas as well, such as garages and sheds, basements and cellars, and even lofts which might have items stashed in there.

    8. Who Has What

    Student living is often a communal experience with everyone having their own items here there and everywhere.
    This needs to be bottomed out from the start, and who will be taking what and when, in which case they don't have to be cleaned for this purpose, with each person then often dealing with separately. It may be worth labelling these up so everyone knows just what is left to be done.
    Then, make sure every little detail is noted, including individual cutlery and plates in the kitchen area which will probably need a good final wash after everything else, and then neatly placed back.

    9. The Final Bling Factor

    Okay, you're about there and things are taking shape. You hopefully have confidence that a proper job has been done, and therefore as a final step just make sure it looks the part now.
    These little finishing touches can make a huge difference and provide a great first impression on others, and finishing off all the hard work so far. So it might be using smelly sprays as a final wipe around, or even nice smelling scents and candles.
    Also remember the visual impact as well, so a nice bunch of flowers possibly, and everything neat and tidy afterwards rather than just slung around.

    Easily Cleaning Up the Aftermath of Student Life

    So when looking at getting a student pad nice and clean, these 9 Easy Cleaners tips will help make sure things are correctly covered. Whether it's the nitty gritty actual cleaning and what needs doing, or within the context of deposits and working with others and their expectations, these will help keep things on track.
    And who knows, you might actually enjoy the process.
  • The Best End of Tenancy Cleaners Near Me

    end of tenancy cleaners near meWhen looking for the best end of tenancy cleaning companies near you, it's important to note several factors to get the right one.

    Primarily, of course, you'll be looking for the best value from aprofessional end of tenancy cleaner in your locality, which is hassle-free.

    However, delving deeper into these points is essential I order to get this right. We've learnt ourselves after cleaning in the Birmingham and West Midlands area, which has been a large region, that there’s more to selecting any old cleaner near you.

    We often find both customers and other local Birmingham cleaning companies underestimating what's involved in the geographical spread they have to cover to get the job done properly.

    What End of Tenancy Cleaning Services are Included?

    There can actually be a big difference in what's provided for each house or flat rather than just a quick clean around before a tenant leaves.

    The size of the property is a significant factor, and the extent of the cleaning services such as an extra oven or carpet clean and even help replenish any goods and fixtures left.

    You'll need to check any tenancy agreement and inventory to make sure this is right and agreed with either the landlord or the tenant.

    Plus, when it comes to compliance, in addition to the usual checks for any professional cleaning company such as insurance cover, accreditation scheme, and health and safety and cost policy; end of tenancy cleaning tends to need to go a step further.

    You need to be clear on what items are included or excluded, or maybe working to tight deadlines and difficult access arrangements that must be safe for everyone.

    Therefore, check for any end of tenancy cleaning company near you that has all this in place and the relevant experience.

    Covering the Right Geographical Area, Not Just Where They're Based

    To some degree, it’s not important where a cleaning company is based. It's what they can cover with their cleaners that counts.

    So, one small cleaner at the top end of Birmingham or Sutton Coldfield may struggle to have good cleaners that can cost-effectively travel to, say, Bromsgrove in the south.

    Therefore, check what you mean by cleaners near you and even extend the search for a wider area.

    It may include the larger companies that have good individuals within your specific locality.

    And don't forget the proper access and transport needed to reach your actual location.

    If you're near a good transport route and roads and can offer easy parking outside your premises, for example, this will be a great help.

    Speed is also essential with the end of tenancy cleaning, and often a big blitz of cleaners and having some equipment already on-site can be a big help.

    Therefore, precise access arrangements can be a dealbreaker or certainly incur an additional charge that you didn't first realize.

    Getting the Right End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices Near Me

    Of course, the price has got to be correct, and after going through the above points it may be worth paying a little bit more and knowing that everything will be covered, and the job is done correctly so that there's no dispute back from the landlord or tenant.

    Try to communicate as much accurate information upfront, get a fixed price for the job, and be clear on what you can contribute—for example, cleaning products, arrangements to get rid of rubbish, providing an empty house of people and furniture for the end of tenancy cleaning to be completed quickly.

    Choosing the Best End of Tenancy Cleaning Company Near Me

    As you search for the best cleaner around where you're based, these above points will hopefully help steer you in the right direction.

    As local Birmingham end of tenancy cleaners, we often request two particular pieces of information to make sure that our proposals are as accurate as possible.

    Firstly, the exact location, with Birmingham being a big area.

    And second, how big the property is and the level and extent of services needed.

    Once these are provided, then we can offer an irresistible end of tenancy cleaning quote.

  • What is an End-of-Tenancy Clean, and What Does it Include?

    what is end of tenancy cleaning whats involvedWhen looking at what an end-of-tenancy clean is at a property, then it's a good, thorough clean of the property at the end of a lease that a tenant needs to carry out in order to hand back the property to the landlord in a tidy and clean state in order to relet to another tenant.

    It's, therefore, something unique between a landlord and tenant.

    They're often arranged as a cleaning service and carried out by the tenant as they prepare to hand back their premises.

    Still, a landlord can also be involved after any lease ends and carry out something beyond what the tenant did to get it to the proper cleanliness for the next tenant.

    You may then have other third parties like managing agents acting on behalf of landlord owners in arranging this.

    They also mainly relate to residential properties, whether a small flat or larger house and, however, can relate to commercial building and linked with any more significant issues of repairs and dilapidations.

    So, in short, when looking at what is the meaning of an end-of-tenancy clean, it's a tenant handing back the property nice and clean just like they took it.

    Why Do I Need an End-of-Tenancy Clean?

    Strictly speaking, a landlord can't force a full-on end-of-tenancy clean for residential properties following The Tenant Fees Act 2019, which banned any specific clause in the lease demanding this.

    However, the general obligation is still there to keep the building clean and tidy and to hand it back in this way. But that can be done in whatever way the tenant wants, including themselves and family and friends.

    Therefore, somewhere in the lease must be the reason for needing an end-of-tenancy clean, and it's worth checking these specific requirements.

    Hopefully, there's an inventory or Schedule of Condition taken at the start of the lease which notes any existing problems like stained carpets or damaged items that the tenant wouldn't be expected to change during their tenancy.

    The landlord also often holds a rent deposit, which should be in a protected deposit scheme for residential properties. The main reason for landlords not wanting to return all of this at the end is because of an issue of cleaning and them believing the tenant has not done it satisfactorily.

    What Does an End-of-Tenancy Clean Include and Consist of?

    As well as looking at what is stated explicitly in the lease and any inventory or Schedule of Condition, it is essential to remember the general gist of an end-of-tenancy clean.

    Although a complete clean is needed, it allows for fair wear and tear by the tenant, which reflects everyday living and any natural forces such as sunlight coming through the window and fading things.

    So, if a tenant has been there for many years, carpets will get naturally worn, or scuff marks may appear on a solid floor. There may also be areas of painted walls or furniture that are fading over time.

    Therefore these sorts of things would not be expected to be improved by the tenant with residential properties, although they may do with commercial property liabilities.

    In terms of what is practically included in an end-of-tenancy cleaning and what it consists of, it's basically a good form of spring clean.

    All surfaces must be wiped appropriately, including removing cobwebs and areas at the ceiling level, skirting boards and picture or dado rails.

    Dusting and polishing surfaces and furniture like tables and sideboards are essential, and things like windows, doors, and handles in the kitchen and bathroom areas.

    And focus will be needed on taps and fittings with a good scrub and disinfection of these, and items like showers, baths, and toilets may even need built-up limescale and mould removing from them as well.

    Plus any things like kettles, toasters, and microwaves.

    Also, don't forget other things like emptying and cleaning the bins and making sure the outside areas are swept and tidy and clarify whether you need to bring in any additional cleans, such as window clean, the whole carpet clean, and even an oven clean if it has been left in a bit of a state.

    What to Do in an End-of-Tenancy Cleaning Task?

    After you've looked at what's included and the right end-of-tenancy clean specification for you, you can then get practical and start arranging this.

    Start contacting local cleaning businesses to come in and do this and make sure their quote is as accurate as possible based upon your location, the size of the property, and the extra services like carpet cleaning, and even how far you need to go compared to your lease and actual inventory.

    It is then worth an early dialogue with the landlord or tenant to try and come to an agreement of what would be expected before the actual lease end, ideally walking around the building with them and maybe even have a go at an end-of-tenancy clean yourself to see if they're happy with or there are any specific items that you need to address yourself or with a cleaning company afterwards.

    What is an End-of-Tenancy Clean for Yourself?

    As you go through these above points, the starting point is to check an existing lease inventory and communication from the landlord-tenant or managing agent. Then start making plans of how and when you can carry this out before the lease, which can become more complicated when there are other moving out plans.

    It's important to remember that this will all have to be done before you hand the keys back, as you won't be able to get back into the property afterwards.

    Then have a dialogue with the landlord to try and come to an agreement on it and finally agree on a specification on what is included in an end-of-tenancy clean and what it consists of, in order to then crack on with yourself or through.

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