end of tenancy cleaners harborne edgbaston submit detailsEnd of tenancy cleaning in Harborne & Edgbaston made easy peasy

Are you looking forward to moving into or out of a leased home and want comprehensive cleaning services? We are a local West Midlands cleaning company that offers dependable end-of-tenancy cleaning services in Harborne and Edgbaston and the nearby areas.

End of tenancy cleaning is performing a complete deep clean on a departed home in accordance with the tenancy responsibilities for another renter to take over.

We offer

• Competitively priced quick cleans, thorough and carpet vacuuming, including replenishment of consumable supplies.
• Schemes for different sizes and types of residential rentals (and commercial units), such as big residential homes and modest studio apartments.
• Suggestions for intervening on behalf of managing agents, renters, and landlords, among others.
• A timely plan that is within the tenancy timeline is provided by Operations Managers.
• Qualified and professional cleaners who have passed the necessary DBS checks
• Cleaning that adheres to Covid-19 guidelines, as well as other health & Safety measures.
• Competitively charges for end-of-tenancy cleaning services.

Complete the form opposite, or call us on 0333 444 0138, or you can also contact us directly here for an instant no-obligation plan.

Who Needs End of Tenancy Cleaning?

Management agents, property owners, and landlords frequently require our end of tenancy cleaning services to re-let their premises in the Harborne and Edgbaston region.

Tenants call us directly who want a thorough cleaning of the house before returning it to the estate agency. In some situations, before the incoming tenants move in, they hire us to clean their new home.

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What Is Included in Your End-of-Tenancy Cleaning?

end of tenancy cleaners harborne edgbaston helpWe provide our cleaning services to all types of occupancies, from short-term stays in hotels or hostels (even tenancies ending for office cleaning) to long-term leases.

Other than that, we are the go-to people in and around West Midlands and the Harborne/Edgbaston for serious messes that necessitate full deep cleans or just swift change-around sweeps.

Even more, we provide services to all sizes of properties. Our end-of-tenancy cleaning service covers anything from huge, multiple-bedroom detached houses with garages to small studio flats.

We Always Maintain the Time

We understand the importance of getting a residential home ready for a new tenant since we are experienced end-of-tenancy cleaners. However, timing is everything, mainly when the occupancy is coming to an end.

That's the reason we work full-time to guarantee that our end-of-tenancy cleaning is completed in fewer hours.

We satisfy all of your demands and requirements with little fuss after having access to the property and a detailed checklist of what needs to be cleaned.

Understanding the Correct Basis for the Cleaning Necessary

end of tenancy cleaning services harborne edgbastonThe tenancy agreement serves as the foundation for our end-of-tenancy cleaning. This section specifies what the occupants must clean before leaving home (for detailed end of tenancy cleaning tips, you can check out our blog).

We also deal with the property's inventory or schedule of condition, which is a document that describes the state of the property at the time the tenant moved in. As a result, we can offer you a detailed cleaning program.

In addition, we report and track every cleaning. Especially when it comes to concealed personal things, we also communicate and assist in resolving any unpleasant surprises.

Before handing over the keys, many vacating renters do a good amount of cleaning. However, it is typical for landlords to call us for extra emergency cleanings before new tenants arrive. Through this method, we can assist in identifying any broken components or furnishings before the new occupant comes and establishing the new tenant's décor.

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What is Included in Your End-of-Tenancy Cleaning?

end of tenancy cleaning harborne edgbaston timesFollowing things are included in the end of tenancy clean and checklist:

• The main focus is on high-impact locations like taps and sinks with limescale accumulation, including front doors and glass.
• Doing the work on the different concealed areas like shelving and upholstery and undersides of kitchen cabinets.
• To clean the kitchen appliances like refrigerators, freezers, and microwaves, including other important places.
• Wiping down curb rails and ceiling regions, carpet vacuuming and floor washing on a high level, cleaning window frames on a midlevel, and skirting boards on a low level.
• Refreshing other places like the exterior patio, car park, garage, and basement.
• Various supplementary cleaning services like detailed carpet cleaning and washing the walls.

The checklist assists in determining all places that the client desires to be cleaned. By using this technique, we can plan ahead of time to make things simpler on cleaning day. For example, we may ask the customer to remove goods from the cupboards or defrost the fridge.

In terms of what specific services we can cover in an End of Tenancy clean, then here are the main ones:

General Items

• Doors, frames, door handles, and any glazing
• Basic window clean of glass, frames, ledges, and sills (see our extra full window cleaning service for more)
• Addressing the inside all cupboards, shelves, drawers, and trays
• Cleaned floors and easy stain/mark removal, whether vacuum on carpet or mopping solid floors
• All skirting, dado and picture rails to be dusted and wiped
• Light fittings, switches, plugs, extension cables, power sockets and lampshades to be cleaned
• High-level cobwebs at the ceiling and around light fittings
• Cleaning down curtains and blinds, and along curtain rails
• Remove any immediate dirt marks on walls

Kitchen Areas

• Clean the sink and taps and drains, removing limescale and a final polish
• Fully clean and polish all countertops and work surfaces
• Basic oven clean external and internal to address built-up grease, plus any extractors and hobs (see our full oven clean service for more)
• Tiles and splashbacks on worktops to be scrubbed and cleaned, and de-greased and mould removed in the gaps where possible
• White good cleans such as washing machines, dishwasher, microwave, toasters, kettle, fridges and freezers
• Bins to be cleaned and any rubbish removed
• Arrange any cutlery, utensils and dining accessories

Bathroom Areas

• Areas like tiling, splashbacks, shower screens and curtains to be carefully cleaned and wiped down
• Main items like the shower, bath, toilet basins and washbasins to be thoroughly cleaned and hard-water stains removed (and plumbing behind)
• Glassware and mirrors to be addressed
• Any shelves, cupboards cleaned and tidied
• Descale and clean the showerhead, plus all taps from limescale and stains
• Any accessories like soap dispensers, toilet roll and towel holders, extractor fans

Lounge & Bedroom Areas

• Wipe all reachable furniture and shelves, wardrobes and cupboards with a final polish
• Moving all sofas etc, vacuum clean underneath, and behind any cushions
• On and around electrical equipment like TVs, music systems,
• Mirrors and glass carefully wiped
• Clear any beds and move/vacuum the mattress

Do You Provide Any Additional Things?

Yes, we offer a wide range of goods and services. Let us know what you need, from refilling supplies to completing carpet cleaning and sanitizing ovens and refrigerators to reporting minor problems.

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We Cover the Following Regions in and Around Harborne & Edgbaston

We are providing cleaning services in the entire region and the nearby places, for instance: California, Warley Woods, Ridgacre, Moor Pool, Woodgate, Lodge Hill, Rotton park, Cannon Hill

Do You Follow Covid-19 Protocols?

Yes, with the recent Covid-19 Health & Safety guidelines, we have upgraded our cleaning methods. Furthermore, we guarantee that the cleaning agents are environmentally friendly and our cleaners wear the proper PPE.

Before starting end-of-tenancy cleaning, we recommend that the premises be unoccupied. However, we will accommodate any points of contention if this is not possible.

Alternatively, we assure all our employees are DBS-checked and adhere to all health and safety standards since we are experienced local cleaners. In addition, we give insurance coverage and the standard cleaning procedure declarations.

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What are the Cleaning Rates?

harborne edgbaston cleaners contactOf course, the cost of end-of-tenancy cleaning is important, and we will always strive to provide the most affordable end-of-tenancy cleaning in Harborne & Edgbaston and nearby regions.

We can give this competitive quotation right immediately if two items are confirmed:

1. Your location
2. The size of the property is determined mostly by the kind of property, such as a house or flat, and how many bedrooms are in it. Also, if there are many added areas such as conservatories and add-ons like carpet cleaning and laundry.

We will then ensure that we are the best value end of tenancy cleaners that you will discover, with rates starting at less than £100.

If You Want to Make the End of Tenancy Cleaning Simple

Complete the form opposite, or call us on 0333 444 0138, or you can also contact us directly here for an instant no-obligation plan.

We can immediately give you the correct recommended basis, time schedule, and cost once we know the exact size of the property and the amount of engagement.

Don't worry if you are unsure how the process works for you or what has to be included; contact us, and we will walk you through it.

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