Bathroom Clean - Easy Cleaners Birmingham

bathroom toilet clean easy cleaners birminghamAs local cleaners covering Birmingham and the West Midlands, this option provides the same service as our Kitchen Clean service, but for bathrooms.

So, instead of hiring one or more of our professional cleaners to clean and tidy your entire home or place of work you can get in touch with us to send someone over to give just your bathroom a thorough clean.

As part of our service our trusted Birmingham cleaners will make sure they get to grips with the following:

● The entire bathroom and toilet areas will be cleaned and disinfected
● The cleaners will clean the tiles which will include cleaning any mould from the grout.
● They will remove the limescale from wash basins and polish the taps and any chrome fittings.
● They will ensure that all shower screens are free from limescale and will clean up the shower tray.
● Mirrors will be cleaned, polished and rendered spotless
● Baths will be cleaned of any limescale and cleaned thoroughly
● Bins will be emptied and cleaned

The bathroom can be a tough area to clean thoroughly but, like the kitchen, it is important that it is hygienic and always as clean as possible. As good as your cleaning may be it is not so good if it is not done regularly. In the busy, modern world it can be difficult to keep on top of everything.

Often cleaning is one of the things we put off because there are many more fun things to do. With the cost of cleaning one room being so minimal why not let us do it for you? Give us a call and we could even discuss scheduling a regular clean up of your bathroom?

Perhaps you have some special requirements for your bathroom. You have have had your bathroom refitted with special flooring or special materials that require less abrasive cleaning equipment or liquids. We are happy to hear your needs and see if we can find ways to accommodate them.

Perhaps you or someone using the bathroom has an allergy to certain types of cleaning fluids or materials? Again, please let us know and we will try to find suitable alternatives. Your safety is one of our priorities and we would not do anything to jeopardise that. Our excellent reviews are testament to our unwavering concern for customer satisfaction and safety.

Our professional cleaners are discreet and entirely trustworthy. We put them through a rigorous vetting process prior to adding them to our extensive network and we place our trust in them - we wouldn’t recommend them to you otherwise.

Contact us today for more help and advice.