Builders Cleaning in Birmingham Just Got Easy

builders cleaning birmingham easy cleanersOur builders cleaning service in Birmingham and the wider West Midlands will help bring your area back to standard after any form of building or construction works. Unfortunately the aftermath of dust and dirt from any form of works can be far worse than what you expect, and any normal clean simply not able to cut the mustard and help rid the mess!
As Birmingham based cleaners we therefore make it easy for you. Whether a quick clean-up after some DIY jobs, or more in depth and on-going cleaning during and after major building and extension works. We’re hear to make the cleaning-up easy and effortless, leaving you to enjoy the finished building works.
This is for both residential and commercial properties, whether in your own home or workplace. We can work alongside contractors and builders, and help such appointed parties direct as part of their actual works.
We can also accommodate any time frames, whether a one off instance, or ongoing throughout a certain building project. It’s ideal of course to be arranging this even before the project begins and plan for the mess, but as experienced cleaners we can easily deal with any urgent aftermath mess as well. 

The Right Builders Cleaning Service

So getting down to the detail, here are the sort of things we include in our builders clean (and here is a helpful blog post on builders cleans here):
·  Any initial sweep-up and movement of mess, debris, and general rubbish. Even working alongside the actual builders to work around materials and tools, all safely of course
·  That extra-deep vacuum clean of carpets and mopping of floors, including serious and almost industrial-spec equipment where needed to cope with the mess.
·  Attention to hidden areas where dust has a habit of going, for example wall surfaces, and around curtains and blinds.
·  Having several goes at it, often up to a few weeks later, to allow for dust to re-settle over time. It’s not nice we know, but often a phased process is needed to rid the dust as it tries to re-settle.
·  Helping with ornaments and equipment like TVs and personal items, including an initial bag-up and storage as well as aftermath clean and polish
·  Applying a final deep spray and wipe of surfaces to rid that dreaded dust from all the nooks and crannies
·  Dispose of all the mess nicely and eco-friendly, including working alongside any separate arrangements for this

You can check out our local cleaning services here.

Building Up to the Right Price

As soon as we know what you need us to do, we’ll provide a bespoke price and basis for you. We’ll be honest, and say what actual involvement will be needed for this, and then provide a competitive quote for this, with hourly rates ranging from £10 per hour. 
We can keep it hourly, or help with a one-off cost, whatever works out best – and help allow for any additional travel and items such as dust sheets and substantial vacuum cleaners.
CONTACT US TODAY for immediate help an advice to make sure your builders cleaning in Birmingham and beyond is done quickly and effectively!