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decor clean easy cleaners birminghamThis type of cleaning service really crosses a few different boundaries of other services and fills the gaps that other regular services that other cleaning companies can often miss out. The thing is that we at Easy Cleaners understand our customers on a level that our rivals simply do not.

Decor Clean is a quick and cost effective way to get a professional cleaner in for those little jobs that cross over other services we provide. For example, you can call us to arrange a Decor Clean to help with cleaning tasks that arise from the everyday D.I.Y. tasks that we all end up doing from time to time. In doing them we all end up creating a bit of a mess because that’s part and parcel of D.I.Y., right?

Say, for example, you’ve decided to finally put up those shelves that you bought last spring but have left leaning against the wall ever since. You get your trusty drill and begin making holes in the wall and use your spirit level to balance the shelves properly. Before long the shelves are up but you find that in drilling the holes you have let the dust from the red bricks and plaster drift onto the sealant between the skirting and the wall below and onto the carpet.

Give us a call and we’ll bring the right equipment to wash out all the dust and plaster that has fallen and become trapped amongst the carpet fibres. Not only that but we will also clean up the sealant between the skirting and the wall while taking care of the delicate wood.

Maybe you have a light bulb that needs changing on a high ceiling and are wary of doing it yourself. Leave it to us and we will change the bulb while taking care of several other jobs at your home or place of business.

Just let us take a look around and we will soon make a list of little jobs that you probably hadn’t even noticed needed doing. Such as cleaning up the grout on kitchen or bathroom or other tiles. We can also look at cleaning up the sealant on your bathroom or kitchen fittings. If necessary we can recommend replacing the grout or sealants and even carry out the work ourselves.

How many cleaning companies can offer this kind of service? Just give us a call and we can arrange a visit.