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End of Tenancy Cleaning in Birmingham Made Easy

submit details easy cleaners oneAs local West Midlands cleaners we can immediately provide proposals for and complete end of tenancy cleaning in Birmingham and the surrounding area;

• A full range of services from quick cleans, to full deep and carpet clean, to replenishing consumable items.
• All types of residential properties from small studio flats to large detached dwellings.
• Acting for everyone from landlords, to tenants, to lettings and managing agents
• Professional yet friendly cleaners and Operations Manager to not only QUICKLY provide a proposal by then easily manage around your schedule (we know how time scales are tight with tenancies ending)
• Valid accreditation and compliance, including full DBS checks for all cleaners
• Compliant Covid-19 cleaning to accommodate all your Health & Safety procedures
• Competitive pricing to ensure any end of tenancy proposal and tender is matched.

In terms of what is end of tenancy cleaning – then, in short, it’s completing a final deep-clean after a tenant or occupier has vacated a property ready for someone else to take over, according to any lease or tenancy obligations.

You can certainly do yourself, with tips here on our blog for carrying out end of tenancy cleaning effectively. However, we often get called in to finish things off nicely.

Whatever interest you hold, we can help this cleaning-up exercise as one tenant leaves, and another is about to arrive.

Who’s Involved

end of tenancy easy cleanersThis is often for landlords and property owners direct, or their appointed managing agents and estate agents eager to progress with re-lettings.

It can also be for tenants direct, often the one who is preparing to vacate and wants us to take the strain away from handing back the property spik and span, but we can also work with new incoming tenants and help prepare for their use.

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All End of Cleaning Covered

cleaners end tenancy in birminghamThis covers all forms of tenancies/leases and cleaning services, whether regular longer-term AST lets or more short term stays and even hostels through intermediaries like Airbnb.

Whether it’s a real mess requiring a full deep clean at the same time, or a quick change-around – we cover all end of tenancy cleaning around Birmingham, the Black Country, and the West Midlands.

Plus – all sizes and type of properties and leases and tenancies, from small studio flats and apartments, to large 5-bedroom detached houses with additional outbuildings and garages.

Getting Right on Time

timer end tenancy easy cleanersWe know that timing is key, with things to happen ready for handover and still work with the practicalities of one occupier leaving and other parties like agents being involved.

In regards to how long does end of tenancy cleaning take - it’s usually within a few hours, and once we can have access and be clear on what needs doing, then we’ll soon get on with things.

We can work around the clock, accommodate any access requirements and needs, and cause minimal fuss as we clean things up nicely.

Knowing The Right Basis

end of tenancy checklist easy cleanersThe key to end of tenancy cleaning will often be the tenancy agreement, and what it states the tenant should and should not need to clean (check out our full end of tenancy cleaning tips here).

You often have an Inventory or Schedule of Condition stating the agreed condition that it was taken on – an important document we can work to in terms of knowing what’s included and what is not.

We can provide a clear Cleaning Schedule and reporting basis to ensure everything is correctly completed and logged. We’ll also make sure any nasty surprises are communicated and resolved as far as possible, as often we come across hidden personal items.

Even though a vacating-tenant may complete a reasonable clean, we know that standards are high for landlords and new occupiers so we’ll help gauge this and be called in for any emergency additional cleans as well.

Hey, we can even go the extra mile and help spot any damaged parts and broken furniture or ornaments - even help get the right décor and ‘staging’ items presented in any new lets.

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Doing the Right End of Tenancy Basis in Birmingham & West Midlands

end of tenancy cleaning services birminghamIn terms of what an end of tenancy clean includes and a form of a checklist, here’s the usual sort of things involved:

• Focus on those areas with high impacts, like the front door, mirrors and glass, and limescale build-up on taps and sinks (particularly so with Covid-19 and other requirements).
• All hidden areas like kitchen cupboards, shelves, curtains and upholstery, and underneath all furniture
• Essential areas like bathroom suites, fridges and freezers, and any appliances like microwaves
• Usual items such as floors vacuumed, mopped, or swept, and all areas wiped and freshened up. These include skirting boards at a low level, window and door frames at mid-level, and ceiling areas and curtain rails at a high level.
• Inclusion of any additional areas, such as basements and storage cupboards, garages, and external patio and car park areas
• Any additional cleans considered over and above normal requirements, for example, full carpet clean and oven clean, and any actual wall surfaces.

Once we have the final checklist agreed with clients, we’ll explain any preparation beforehand to make things even easier on the day, for example removing items from cupboards, and the freezer is defrosted.

In terms of what specific services we can cover in an End of Tenancy clean, then here are the main ones:

General Items

• Doors, frames, door handles, and any glazing
• Basic window clean of glass, frames, ledges, and sills (see our extra full window cleaning service for more)
• Addressing the inside all cupboards, shelves, drawers, and trays
• Cleaned floors and easy stain/mark removal, whether vacuum on carpet or mopping solid floors
• All skirting, dado and picture rails to be dusted and wiped
• Light fittings, switches, plugs, extension cables, power sockets and lampshades to be cleaned
• High-level cobwebs at the ceiling and around light fittings
• Cleaning down curtains and blinds, and along curtain rails
• Remove any immediate dirt marks on walls

Kitchen Areas

• Clean the sink and taps and drains, removing limescale and a final polish
• Fully clean and polish all countertops and work surfaces
• Basic oven clean external and internal to address built-up grease, plus any extractors and hobs (see our full oven clean service for more)
• Tiles and splashbacks on worktops to be scrubbed and cleaned, and de-greased and mould removed in the gaps where possible
• White good cleans such as washing machines, dishwasher, microwave, toasters, kettle, fridges and freezers
• Bins to be cleaned and any rubbish removed
• Arrange any cutlery, utensils and dining accessories

Bathroom Areas

• Areas like tiling, splashbacks, shower screens and curtains to be carefully cleaned and wiped down
• Main items like the shower, bath, toilet basins and washbasins to be thoroughly cleaned and hard-water stains removed (and plumbing behind)
• Glassware and mirrors to be addressed
• Any shelves, cupboards cleaned and tidied
• Descale and clean the showerhead, plus all taps from limescale and stains
• Any accessories like soap dispensers, toilet roll and towel holders, extractor fans

Lounge & Bedroom Areas

• Wipe all reachable furniture and shelves, wardrobes and cupboards with a final polish
• Moving all sofas etc, vacuum clean underneath, and behind any cushions
• On and around electrical equipment like TVs, music systems,
• Mirrors and glass carefully wiped
• Clear any beds and move/vacuum the mattress

Yes, the Little Extras

All kinds of additional services and items can be covered, just let us know.

A full carpet clean is a classic one, or an individual oven or fridge/freezer disinfectant clean.

Also, replenish consumables there and even reports minor repairs.

What Areas Do We Cover Near You?

Basically, the whole of Birmingham, Black Country and wider West Midlands for every one of our cleaning services.

Starting in the city centre of Birmingham and out eastwards towards, say Bordesley Green, Stechford, Marston Green and hall Green, Coleshill, and Solihull & Shirley.

Moving south, there’s Moseley, Selly Oak, Wythall, Rednall, Alvechurch, Redditch & Bromsgrove.

To the west, we have Smethwick, Bearwood, Quinton, Halesowen, Edgbaston, West Bromwich, Oldbury, Wolverhampton, and Stourbridge.

And in the north, there’s Erdington, Sutton Coldfield, Handsworth, Water Orton, Tamworth, Lichfield, Walsall, and Cannock,

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Are We Covid-19 Complaint?

covid update pink easy cleanersYou bet - we have updated Covid-19 Health & Safety Risk Assessments, the best cleaning substances, and the correct PPE in place.

Of course, places should be vacant when completing an end of tenancy clean anyway, but we can accommodate any meeting requirements and points of contact.

As professional local cleaners, we can provide all other usual cleaning method statements, health and safety policies, accreditation details, and insurance cover.

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How Much Will it Cost?

cost prices easy cleaners birminghamThe price of end of tenancy cleaning is of course key, and we’ll always aim to make it THE most competitive end of tenancy cleaning in Birmingham and surrounding areas you’ll come across.

We can easily and quickly provide a quote for completing your end of tenancy cleaning with just two key pieces of information:

1. How big the property – mainly based upon the number of bedrooms, and type of property like a flat or house

2. How far you want us to go – so if there are lots of additional areas like conservatories, and extras such as carpet cleaning and laundry.

With costs starting from under £100, we’ll make sure that we’re the best value end of tenancy cleaners that you’ll find.

Making End of Tenancy Cleaning Easy

CONTACT US TODAY for an immediate no-obligation quote – complete the details opposite, call us on 0333 444 0138, or contact us here.

Once we know the exact size of property and level of involvement, we can quickly provide you with the right proposed cost, basis, and time frame.

cta contact easy cleaners

Don’t panic if you’re not yet clear on what needs to be included and how the process works for you – contact us, and we’ll make it easy!

Why Easy Cleaners?

1 Local Birmingham and Midlands Cover
2 Reliable Cleaners
3 Guaranteed Service
4 All Domestic & Commercial Cleaning Services
5 The Right Price

Have a question or need a proposal? Submit details now and we'll respond within 24 hours.

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Why Easy Cleaners?

Why Easy Cleaners

1 Local Birmingham and Midlands Cover
2 Reliable Cleaners
3 Guaranteed Service
4 All Domestic & Commercial Cleaning Services
5 The Right Price

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