Event and After Party Cleaning in Birmingham

event clean easy cleaners birminghamDon’t panic if your home or business looks a mess after your special event or party! We’re here to make any event cleaning after after- or pre-party cleaning in the Birmingham and West Midlands area nice and easy for you.
There is maybe a house party to clear up after a special time with friends and family, or more corporate event such as sporting events or even weddings. We can help select the right bespoke cleaner just for your requirements.
We know how your home is special and needs that special TLC, or there may be a range of complicated events that you’re involved with managing and arranging cleaning for. Whether a convention, trade show, form of corporate hospitality, or special celebration – we can home-in as local cleaners on what’s needed.  

What Our Events and Party Cleaning Service Covers

Here is a glimpse of the sort of things we can include (and check out our post on events and party cleans here):
· Dealing with ridding the rubbish and litter from any aftermath, probably one of the biggest issues to resolve. This includes special arrangements for collection and storage, and even general litter-picking and road sweeping of external areas
· Clearing the hospitality items, whether plates and cups, glasses and waste food. This is probably one of the first jobs to help complete, in partnership whatever catering arrangements you have
· Work alongside any other arrangements such as maintenance crews and entertainment providers, including special access and in-and-out deadlines, and any special clothing and uniform requirements
· Dealing with deep-cleans to get that special wow-factor back, not just a quick flick around. If it was a good event or party, then fair enough there may be some nasty ingrained mess to now clear up
· Sprucing up toilet and bathroom areas, including urinals and re-issuing toilet consumables
· Focusing on the floor and any additional cleans such as polishing and buffering-up, and full carpet cleaning
· Getting all those surfaces back up to scratch, whether walls and surfaces like worktops, or glassed and mirror areas that are easily seen

Easily Cleaning Up the Mess

Our rates and basis will always be competitive, and based upon what exactly is needed through whichever cleaners. Once we know your needs, we can immediately issue a bespoke proposal for you.
As well as the actual property and area, it will depend upon your own circumstances and extent of the event, including any special arrangements like access out-of-hours, and having back-up cover as well.  
CONTACT US TODAY for immediate help and advice on your event and party cleaning in Birmingham and the West Midlands area!