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This is our bread-and-butter cleaning service in Birmingham and beyond, which covers both residential and commercial properties. Our good all-rounder that will help you keep on top of your main cleanliness, whether one-off or on an ongoing basis.
We can send cleaners to your residence or business at times that are most convenient for you and make sure that the job is done thoroughly. Our cleaners regularly carry out this kind of cleaning at all types of residences and businesses so there are no locations that would not be considered or that would be outside of our experience. Dentists offices, estate agents, libraries, shops they all benefit from our expertise of our cleaners and their swift work.
Let's face it, if you're running a business you can only really have local cleaners in at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day – before and after business hours. After business hours is when it is most convenient but you don¹t want to be hanging around too long after shutting.
Just contact us and we’ll let you know if we can cover your exact location. Our service provides cleaners that get the job doe thoroughly and speedily.

Our DRIFT Cleaning Schedule

In terms of what we cover, you can check out details of our DRIFT acronym here which explains the whole cleaning process in 5 simple stages. Here how this can look for our general cleaning service in Birmingham and beyond:
D for Dusting – in all obvious areas, including high-level ceilings as well as low-level skirting boards, and of course all obvious tables and surfaces you come across.
R for Rubbish – and ridding the lot, both from bins but also any loose items and a simple sweep-up of mess to immediately clear up.
I for Items – and makings sure all things are not only placed back where they should, but help go further with a de-clutter and making sure you make most of your space
F for Floors – whether a vacuum of carpets, or a mop of hard surfaces, we’ll cover every time, often right at the end of the cleaning schedule
T for Touch-Ups – yes, those final little touches to make a difference, whether polish and spray with a good old wipe, or some nice smelling fragrance

Making Cleaning in Birmingham Nice ‘n’ Easy!

Our rates and basis are not only competitive with typical hourly rates between £10 and £12 per hour, but we make sure every proposal is hand-picked just for you. Whether it’s a one-off wonder, or ongoing delight, we will spec and price it just right.
CONTACT US TODAY for immediate help and advice and a free, no obligation proposal!