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mini clean easy cleaners birminghamOur Easy Cleaners ‘Mini Clean’ is something unique that we have developed over the years to help out with those quick and easy cleans that have a habit of cropping up. So although you may not be ready for a full Spring Clean or even a General Clean on a one-off or ongoing basis, there may be times when a quick and straight forward clean is needed, for example:
·  There is an element of mess from some degree of DIY works, but not so serious as to to merit a full Builders Clean
·  You need a quick spruce up over and above any general clean that either yourself or other external cleaners carry out
·  You need to impress others, whether guests and friends, or a new occupier in your property
·  There is a clear-up needed from a one off incident, maybe even more the bulky rubbish and clutter clear, or the opposite detailed-clean afterwads.
Its for those situation where things are getting on top of you, and you don’t have the time, effort, or resources to pull it off. Well we can be there to make it easy for you; maybe the house is looking a bit of a mess but not a total nightmare - just enough that it needs some TLC without an in-depth clean. Perhaps it just needs some dusting and a bit of straightening up here and there.
This is where the Mini Clean would work for you. It sounds like something like that wouldn’t take up a lot of time but the fact of the matter is that we are all busy and we all have seemingly more important things to do. Also, for the more fastidious amongst us, we know as specialist Birmingham based cleaners that once we begin cleaning one thing we will soon spot other things that need doing instead of spending an hour we'll end up spending a weekend.
The Mini Clean service is also perfect for big messes on a small scale. Perhaps you’ve been doing some D.I.Y. in a small, localised area of your home or business. You’ve been putting up some shelves and now you have plaster all over the floor, dust all over the shelves and wood shavings pretty much everywhere you’ve been afterwards.
Get one of our cleaners in for a Mini Clean and they will tidy up your D.I.Y. mess as though you did it yourself.
How about that cupboard under the stairs? The dark, musty one with the spider webs. Maybe you have finally decided that you would like to open it up and be able to use it without fear of getting a face full of old cobwebs.
A Mini Clean would be perfect for a job like this - a relatively small area where it is tricky to manoeuvre and difficult to clean. An area that needs to be cleaned by a professional, not because you don’t want to do it yourself but because you recognise the value of the expert hand. Ok, and because you don’t want to do it yourself.

Helping You Make it Happen

Let us know your situation, and we’ll let you know how we can help. And to be honest, we’ll let you know the times when we can’t help you, for example when its going to be more cost effective for yourselves or to include it when we carry out other cleaning works.
We actually help others help others do this themselves as well. So maybe your family and children need to muck-in with some mini-cleaning around the home, or as an organisation there are volunteers to-hand that can easily help get stuck in.
We’ve worked with charities to come up with great ‘Mini Clean’ systems so that people before and after an activity help clear up mess after themselves, and not leave it for others.
CONTACT US TODAY and we’ll immediately confirm how we can help.