spring cleaning birmingham easy cleanersSpring cleaning in Birmingham made easy

Whether you’re literally just preparing for the spring season in the year, or you’re ready at any time for that extra-mile clean of your home or business, as local cleaners in Birmingham, we’re here to make it happen easily.

Where general and quick cleans stop, our Spring Clean goes further. Not only are the basics covered, but all those extra nooks and crannies that don’t normally get covered, so it not only looks immaculate, but you have peace of mind that everything is nice and clean.
Spring cleans are popular for domestic properties, whether you own a private home or you have a let or holiday property that needs the special touch. They can even make a great gift for someone, and they offer us to fully clean things up for them.

Within Birmingham and Beyond

As local cleaners we cover the Birmingham area and wider West Midlands, and once we receive your enquiry we will immediately check if your own area is fully covered and make sure that the right individual cleaner can spring clean.
As this is a more involved clean both time and extent wise, you must be happy with both the way we do it as well as the finished look.

What Our Spring Cleaning Service Covers

Here’s a glimpse of what items are covered as part of our core cleaning services, which focuses on the whole property in question, whether it’s a busy kitchen and bathroom, a hidden storage cupboard, or a comfy living room. You can also check out tips on spring cleaning in our blog post here:
·  Removing all those nasty stains, finger prints, and marks on all your main furniture and places like walls. We’ll also let you know when it goes beyond cleaning, and not risk affecting say painted finishes and decorations
·  All cupboards and shelves, whether fitted bedroom and kitchen ones or hidden one sunder the stairs. Every crook and cranny will be cleansed from hidden dirt and grime
·  Tackle the big items like fridges and freezers, ovens and microwaves, kettles and toasters, TVs and audio equipment – and advice you when a deeper say oven clean is required afterwards
·  Polish things up nicely, whether wooden tables or important ornaments, we’ll get that glitzy finish
· Kill the lime scale on places like taps and plugs in sinks and showers
· Dealing with doors, windows, and frames to get right in the detail and address the finishing parts like handles and locks
· Getting right behind all the furniture and equipment to remove all hidden dust and germs
· Shedding light on the subject and cleaning light switches, lamp shades, and light fittings
· Cleaning curtain rails, blinds, and shower curtains and rails to freshen up
· In addition to just skirting boards, dealing with dado and picture rails, and carefully around any hung pictures
· Reaching high and making sure any high-level cobwebs and cleaning is completed in corners and where the ceiling meets the walls
· Making things even more comfy with items like sofas and beds addressed, including removal of items like cushions and mattresses to clean up
· The dizy heights of stair rails and bannisters carefully looked at
· Heating things up with fire places and radiators also duly cleaned
· Making sure any rubbish areas are also cleansed and cleaned, whether your waste bin or special substances down the kitchen and bathroom plug hole
· A good ol’ de-clutter and getting things nice and tidy  
· Although we don’t normally cover, we can include any outside areas as well, whether patios and barbeques, or even outside stores and garages

Let’s Easily Spring Clean For You

Our rates are always fair, and once we know your needs we’ll clarify the total cost involved, including any extras like cleaning equipment and substances, or bring in specialists like carpet cleaners, oven cleaners, or window cleaners. We take our fair hourly rates and make sure everything is accounted for.
CONTACT US TODAY for immediate help and advice on how we can provide your spring cleaning in Birmingham and beyond, all on the best possible basis.