Involving kids with cleaning is an ideal way to get them involved with something productive as it’s something tangible and straight forward after they know what to do. Roping them into helping with decorating or say gardening will be far more involved and only suitable for older kids and teenagers really.

There was a good article on the Unilever website in the last week about how you can practically do this. With spring now here and the weather getting better, and the Easter holidays now only a week or two away, then this is an ideal time to get them involved.

So here’s the 7 main points from this article:

1. Be creative and fun, so they actually enjoy and want to do it, and it brings out their best.

2. Get matching to any interests of the kids, so if they’re into football then start with cleaning the outside yard ready to play next time.

3. Have small rewards as an incentive. Kids love this, and it’s amazing how competitive they will become to earn that next say chocolate bar.

4. Clean along to music. This will help motivate them, enjoy the experience, and make it feel less like actual work.

5. Have timed challenges. So break tasks down and have say 5 minutes to clear and clean their own bedroom.

6. Look at relays and games, which can help bring connection with other friends and family as they are involved in team challenges, and learn how to relate to others.

7. Think of gifts and surprises. It adds that special wow, even magical aspect to it.

And here’s another 3 points to top this to make a top-ten list:

8. Remember to include the preparation as well. So before they even lift a finger, to maybe get the items together from in storage, or even being part of buying at the store. This can even help develop some money-management skills and they can also be involved with helping to then finally tidy-up rather than just leave items littered around. They could also help come up with some new places to store things, and lead on to just a general clean-up of say the loft or store areas.

9. Remember to record things. Not so much for the record, but for their happy memories. Take photos on the mobile of them smiling with a duster in their hand, take a group picture, have a video or even live video-call with a relative, and even have a special picture made up for the photo album of custom mug or calendar.

10. Think of other places than just the usual places in your home. There could be friends and family they could help with, and some kind of community project or club they are part of. Even a workplace can help, particular older teenagers as they start to integrate with working life, and even your car and vehicles.

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