Walls have a habit of always getting scuffed, particular in any busy communal areas in say business premises like a reception area to an office block, or the entrance and stairs to an apartment block. As cleaners Birmingham we see this time and time again, and it can be something that annoyingly stands out like a sore thumb. Even after it’s all been decorated and looks new and fresh, within a week someone drags something along the wall to leave a scuff mark and it ruins the whole appearance.

So here’s few ideas to help either limit this happening and to effectively deal with and then clean up afterwards:

1. See if You Can Gently Wipe Them Off

Obvious, but helpful. Ideally this would be with a dry cloth or duster, however they tend to be more ingrained in the wall so need maybe a damp cloth. You need to carefully do this though to make sure you don’t damage the wall surface, whether it’s a piece of wall paper, or paint below being wiped off as well.

2. Look at a Better Wall Surface to Help Clear in Future

So ideally a good solid surface that can be easily cleaned in future, but still looks great. For painted walls, maybe look at a different type of paint, so ideally a silk- or acrylic-based emulsion pain being better than matt-based paint, as it provides a light sheen on the paint which will help protect it when you wipe.

3. Touch up Damage Where You Can, But Be Aware of the Limitations of This

So have spare piece of wallpaper around, or tiles, or original-colour paint, so you can always touch these up. Be aware though that these new pieces of decoration can stand out from the rest because of being new and actually make things look worse. So maybe you need to then do that whole section of wall, or simply leave, or maybe make a feature out of the new bit or place by a picture on the wall over the area. It’s worth at this stage consulting with a decorator as well as general cleaner.

4. Find the Culprit to Stop Happening Again

Sometimes it’s just a random thing that everyone can do, but other times it’s a similar person or type of use that keeps causing this. Maybe it’s a young person who keep leaving their bike leaned up on the wall, or a young mother with a pram. Or builders who keep bring their tools in. Try and find out what causes it, and then chat with them to come up with helpful ways to limit this happening again. It can often help to ask other users and occupiers who will tend to know day to day what the cause is. Or even just send a general note out or place a notice up on the wall asking for people to watch out for and let you know if it happens again.