5 ways for cleaningSo you've finally managed to sell your home.

All them late nights of speaking to estate agents, private buyers & auction houses have paid off! You have found the perfect buyer and can finally start looking forward to the next chapter in your life.

Well almost.

There remains the small task of cleaning out your home so it looks presentable for the new owners.

I know what you're thinking – the last thing you want to do at this stage is spend hours and hours cleaning up the place you're not going to be living in any more for some else enjoy right? Should I even bother?

The short answer is yes.

It's pretty simple really, your home has been sold & you're either going to be moving into a new place or going to live somewhere with family or friends. How would you feel if the place you were moving into was filthy? Not great I would imagine!

Don't embarrass yourself & do the new home owners a favour by cleaning up before you go so they have a squeaky clean place to begin their new lives in!

To keep the cleaning checklist short & simple, we've put together 5 absolute 'Must Do's' for you to take care of before moving out your home. Let's get started.

1. Deep Clean the Kitchen

The Kitchen is probably the toughest area of the house to clean so it's a good idea to start there.

Start with the easier stuff like cleaning out all the cupboards of anything that doesn't need to be there. Be sure to give both the inside and outside of them a nice clean and remove any stains that may be scattered around.

You can then start pulling out your appliances and cleaning in the areas behind and underneath them. Any built in appliances or appliances that you're leaving behind like a dishwasher, freezer or oven should be given a thorough deep clean so any built up grime is removed and no longer visible.

After this, scrub down any worktops, baseboards and other smaller fixtures that may need some tlc. Finish up by doing the vacuum and then mopping the floor down for a nice finish.

2. Sort out the Living Areas

Living areas can be tricky to clean because it's where the majority of people spend most their time. Move around your furniture and give the carpet a good clean. If there are any stains you can't remove yourself, you may want to consider calling in a professional carpet cleaner to get rid of them.

Other than that don't forget to dust, clear and finally wipe down any shelves, cabinets, fireplaces and stands.

3. Give the Bathroom a Good Scrub

The main parts of the bathroom you will need to clean are the shower, bathtub, any sinks and of course the toilet.

If you've been cleaning your bathroom regularly since you've had your home this shouldn't take too long.

Metallic surfaces such as taps & showers are susceptible to mould and limescale so be sure to clean them properly if you notice any.

Finally, check the plug holes in your sink and bathtub. Ensure that the water can flow easily. If there issues you may need to get your drains cleaned.

4. Don't Forget the Garden

Many people tend to forget about the garden as it's only the 'outside' of your home and doesn't matter as much but it does.

If you own a shed try to clean out any rubbish before you leave. If you're leaving anything behind make it look as neat as possible.

As for the garden itself, if the shrubbery is too tall, cut it shorter. Mow the lawn so it looks nice & sweep up any mess that doesn't need to be there.

5. Other Areas That Could do With Some TLC

Other areas in your home that could do with some cleaning include:

* Stairs and hallways
* Patio areas
* Windows, doors & window sills (both inside & outside)
* Other storage areas you may have
* And much more..

When it comes to cleaning the list could go on & on but we're confident that even if you only took care of the 5 areas we've mentioned, any new home owner would be more than happy to move into your old home with a smile on their face!

Further Help

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