corporate commercial business clean easy cleaners birminghamWhen it comes to corporate business cleaning, you tend to have more standardised procedures and schedules to go by. They may well be targets and KPIs, and businesses need to ensure that only the correct and most compliant procedures are adhered to.
This is good and right, helping with clear expectations. If they’re delivered by an individual cleaning company, then you can easily establish tenders and alternative proposals from other suppliers.
However, there can be a tendency to get information overload. There may be wades of paperwork to go through, and standard answers that are hard to grasp and visualise in reality. Therefore sifting through this to get to the bottom-line actual effective service can be challenging.
So here are 5 simple principles to consider in order to get it right. These will all help you pinpoint what you need to then arrange in reality:

1. Let’s Walk

So begin with the basics, and a simple walk of the premises in question to see what’s needed. With the client explaining what’s happening, and the cleaner helping interpret this into tangible services, this will easily refine exact requirements.
Ideally this needs to accommodate all the needs, so maybe within or outside hours, and liaising with other colleagues and suppliers to make the most of it. This can also help confirm practical issues such as access requirements and refuse facilities.

2. Let’s Spec 

You can then establish a cleaning schedule and specification with details of exactly what needs doing. This may change for different areas, for example toilets to general desktops, and this will flesh out into reality your walk around and conversation.
Other related documentation can also follow from this, for example risk assessments and any communication requirements.

3. Let’s Time

Knowing when cleaning happens is important on two levels. The first and obvious ones is when each task needs doing, so for example the toilets daily and a thorough wipe of other areas on a weekly basis.
Secondly, check what times these will practically happen, for example out of working hours, and if any special say weekend access is required through whatever means of entry.

4. Let’s Involve

No it’s time to see who’s involved, primarily actual cleaners on an individual basis. They will need to have the right skills, team-work, and get-along factor with the client.
There will of course be others to include as well, for example other contractors and suppliers, and customer site contacts and security personnel. 
When everyone is clear of other’s roles, everything will run along nice and smoothly.

5. Let’s Review 

Even the best contracts and basis should be regularly reviewed, particular so with cleaning as it depends so much upon the input of individuals, and with ideally clear targets to reach. Therefore, no matter how regularly or thorough these are, make sure it’s included to some degree and that things are easily kept on top of.
Therefore when analysing how effective your corporate business cleaning service is, go through these above 5 principles which will help let you see the wood for the trees. 
As each client enters into a serious dialogue with individual cleaning contractors, then these will help firmly establish what’s needed and how it will happen.