window cleaning easy cleaners birminghamIn this post we’ll be looking at some excellent low cost ways to clean your own windows and leave behind a high quality shine no matter the time of year. Perhaps you are aware of the manufactured cleaning solutions and would prefer to go for your own homemade solution. If you have members of your household who are particularly sensitive to chemicals and manufactured cleaning solutions you’ll find this to be a really helpful article for you.

For this you will need the following equipment and supplies which should be available from the usual high street retailers.

● Bucket
● Sponge
● Squeegee
● Vinegar
● Newspaper
● Microfibre cloth
● Lint free cloth
● Washing Up liquid
● Household cloth

1. Take down any curtains that might get in the way or get dirty as you’re cleaning. If you have blinds make sure they are retracted so they don’t get in the way or get dirty. Once this is done use a duster or a cloth to remove any light dust from the window and window frame.

2. Time to get out your bucket and washing up liquid. Squeeze a little of the liquid into the bucket and add warm water. Try not to get it too foamy and be careful that it doesn’t damage the surrounding window frame. Use your sponge to wash the window.

3. Alternatively if you prefer to make your own cleaning solution you can add two spoons of household vinegar to a bucketful of warm water

4. Next grab your squeegee and work your way down from the top of the window in a reverse-S pattern. Don’t forget to use your cloth to wipe off the blade of the squeegee. If you don’t you may be using the squeegee to swirl dirt around the window.

5. Get hold of your microfibre cloth to clean off any excess water from the glass. Remember to lightly dampen the cloth beforehand and don’t forget to wipe off any water from below the window.

6. Top Tip Time! Be sure to wash your windows on a cloudy day. Sunlight will dry the window too quickly and leave annoying streaks all over the glass. Cloudy but not rainy - that’s the weather condition you need when cleaning the outside of your windows.

7. For the finishing touch be sure to buff the windows with a sheet of crumpled newspaper. Believe it or not but the ink from the newspaper will help to give the windows a special shine.

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