office commercial cleaning birminghamAs part of our commercial offering, we cover office cleaning in Birmingham and the wider West Midlands area for all forms of offices and business premises. 
Whether it’s a small office at home, or a large corporate client with separate occupied and communal areas, there are similar principles you can apply specifically for the office environment. 
Therefore here are our top 9 Easy Cleaners pointers to help out: 

1.Arranging Access

We have blogged here before on security and access arrangements in particular, with offices being a prime example of when this counts. Knowing access codes, or having keys and fobs can be accommodated. 

2.Right on Time

Cleaners tend to arrive early in the morning or early evening after the main office workers are away, so make sure this is clarified and there are no clashes with those using the areas. 

3.Respecting Privacy

By the nature of offices, there will be important documents lieing around, including people's own personal property, conversations and phone calls, and meetings. 
If in doubt then leave well alone, and make sure any Data Protection issues are clearly understood. 

4.Bread & Butter Cleaning

Make sure the basics are completed okay, mainly the vacuum cleaning or mopping of the floor covering, the dusting of exposed areas, and clearing away waste bins and general rubbish. 
Be clear on what exact areas are included, for example any computer screens and keyboards. 

5.Rubbish & Recycling

General waste paper and general bins will need to be emptied, with any external bins needing access for these afterwards. 
As office areas generate a lot of paper and card, there may need to be separate recycle requirements, and separate arrangements for say shredded paper and printer cartridges. 


They are often in communal areas, but can be within an a office area, and generally need daily cleaning with separate systems to ensure there is no cross-contamination here with none-toilet areas.
You may need warning signs as well for those still wanting to use these areas, for example the flip signs you often see on a freshly-mopped floor. 


These are generally not very large areas in offices, and may be just a sink, top, dishwasher, and microwave. But there can still be a huge pile of plates and pots at the end of the day that need a separate wash and then putting away, including fresh tea towels and consumables like hand washes.  

8.Making Things Flow

It needs to happen seemlessly, so make sure that no vacuum cleaner wires get in the way, no noisy machines are used when people are on the phone, and people are polite and respectful of those still using the office areas. 

9 .Compliance

This tends to be at a higher level for workplaces, therefore specific documents like risk assessment and cleaning schedules needing to be agreed and clearly communicated. 

The Best Office Cleaning in Birmingham & Beyond 

There are more considerations to cleaning offices than first meets the eye, whether that’s how to deal with unique areas like toilets and the kitchen area, or people and working issues like the right timing and causing little disruption. 
As you go through these top 9 tips, then the sooner you can begin effectively planning the clean then the best it will be for everyone, and making sure all relevant parties are included and final documentation issued.