washroom toilet office cleaning easy cleanersAs local Birmingham cleaners, we realize the importance of keeping toilet and washroom areas clean and hygienic.

This also relates to other public use areas, in the leisure industry, for example, and becomes even more important during concerns about cleanliness under COVID and alleviating people's fears.

Of all the essential principles, we find that the cost of cleaning and replenishing consumables is kept to a minimum.

However, factors often play an increasing role, for example, the importance of sustainability and using recycled materials.

Four key cleaning tips to note

Getting into the nitty gritty of keeping offices, toilets and washrooms clean, here are four top tips:

1. Keep consumables and stock up to date

This might be a regular soap dispenser or paper towels and, of course, toilet rolls and any sanitary provision within toilet areas.

Using high-capacity units can help with less frequent replenishing and reduce the number of service visits.

Making them quick and easy to replenish is also essential. For regular cleaners to identify when they need filling, for example, a clear inspection window to help keep on top of the stock.

Making them lockable to deter vandalism and a standard key lock can help keep them secure.

Also, watch out for bins and the rubbish generated in these areas and ensure they're not overflowing and visually looking untidy, as well as raising concerns about germs and viruses lurking away.

Using the latest technology is also essential, for example, contactless paper dispensers, meaning fewer touch points and risk of spreading germs.

And even more fundamental things to do with the building, such as lights that automatically go on and off.

Even making sure that paper towels are correctly dispensed one sheet at a time is economical longer term, with paper towels being more effective than hand dryers as a clean and hygienic way for people to keep their hands clean.

2. Ensuring everything is eco-friendly and sustainable

With an increasing number of products on the market, using recycled materials becomes easier.

There are additional factors as well, though, for example, reducing unnecessary packaging, making sure there is no overuse, and having targets of creating zero waste.

For larger offices and businesses, feeding this back into their statistics and supply chains and even the number of trucks on the road delivering these cleaning items is becoming ever more important.

3. Using effective communication and notices

This is critical in any cleaning activity, particularly in sensitive areas such as washrooms and toilets.

Essential posters around the area to remind people how to correctly hand wash and dry can be a helpful reminder along with more specific obligations.

And with COVID-19 measures, transparency with cleaning schedules is essential, and knowing how often the areas are being cleaned provides reassurance to users. For example, in large communal toilets in, say, motorway service stations or supermarkets with regular hourly checks on cleaning.

4. Going the extra mile

As wide-ranging commercial and domestic cleaners, we find that special touch always helps people feel and be clean in their work or home environments.

Simple things like making sure that there's a pleasant smelling aroma in these areas always help.

And even having cleaning personnel visibly clean large areas while others still use them, with appropriate signage, shows that things are being addressed.

Keeping the floor clean is also essential, and not just the main wash areas, detailed areas such as handles on doors and touchpoints, and ensuring mirrors are clean and smear-free.

Getting washrooms and toilet areas looking and being clean

These above four points will help focus on the detail when it comes to not only commercial cleaning but stocking washroom areas.

Once you work with any other building or office and clarify things like ordering supplies and removing rubbish, with careful reviews and monitoring, you can soon have a cost-effective and clean washroom toilet area.