outside cleaning business areas easy cleanersWhen it comes to cleaning business spaces, the focus is quite rightly on the inside areas – whether that’s the toilets and kitchen, workstations and working areas, or the initial reception area.

Looking at the outside areas can either be completely forgotten or assumed to be tagged on afterwards. Even more straightforward office cleaning can have outside car parks and walkways to consider.

Ideally, these need a different gardener or landscaper to accomplish this. However, if it is a relatively easy area to keep on top of then with some good planning and preparation, things like this can be included in the main cleaner’s specifications.

Therefore, here are five general pointers to watch out for along these lines, no matter where you're based in Birmingham or surrounding areas like Solihull. Five aspects to outside cleaning that you need to bottom-out with your usual cleaner:

1. The Usual Sweep

It’s not rocket science really, so long as you have the right equipment and goals that is.

A simple sweep with a stiff brush can work wonders around key areas like doorways, taking care not to get too carried away and that it is correctly disposed of afterwards.

Having to wash-down with a hosepipe is often going a little too far, but hey, if the facilities and need is there then its certainly something to consider as well.

2. The Cigarette Ends

These can be a real nuisance if not correctly managed, and difficult to constantly keep on top of.

To make matters worse, they’re often near entrance points which look even worse as people come to the property.

Ideally have a cigarette-butt holder to store these, but being clear on how these are practically emptied and cleaned.

3. Leaves in the Autumn

These can soon pile up in the autumn months, particularly with nearby trees, and they can soon be blown and get in the way even when they are coming from elsewhere.

This is often a much bigger job than you think, with issues such as using the correct leaf blower or brush, and then knowing how to store and often remove a large amount of leaf-debris afterwards.

4. The Horrible Messes

And to finish off, be prepared for those nasty surprises that you may come across, as often you need to react quickly to this.

So, whether it’s human or animal fesses and vomit, or needles and drugs – they fall into the same category.

Often this needs a specialist to deal with these, not the usual cleaning service – therefore having an arrangement in place with agreed time frames and costs will pay dividends later on.

First Impressions Do Count

As people arrive at business premises, first impressions do count – and are essential in regarding basic compliance and safety of external outside areas.

Therefore, when looking at cleaners covering the outside of offices or any other business premises, these above points help identify different issues to clarify.

Whoever and whenever this is done in future then will soon pay dividends.