We have been involved with the cleaning of a small office block in Birmingham, the focus being the shared stairs and walkways every other day to make sure things are spik and span Monday to Friday for all visitors and guests to the property.

It’s ever so important though to be always thinking outside the box, and making sure those little extra aspects are being dealt with, as you can unfortunately carry out the best clean ever on parts that are not seen, but all it takes is something out of place where it is seen and people quite rightly pick up on this.

So here’s a few examples from this particular building that we’ve been working on with the client representative to make sure that extra mile is well and truly travelled:

1. Checking the Disabled Toilet

Although every occupier has their own toilet which they clean themselves, there is a communal disabled toilet available for everyone that is cleaned on a communal basis. As well as disabled persons using this, it’s amazing how many other people use day to day out of convenience with being so near the main entrance, including any guests they have. So keeping this clean is critical, including a nice smell coming from this area.

2. Don’t Forget the Outside Parts

It goes directly onto the pavement here, but there’s a small entrance lobby outside, and a rear alley where the rubbish bins are kept and smokers tend to congregate. We’ve made sure these are included as well, to firstly make sure that first impression counts when you first come to the offices, and the final impression lasts when you leave or need to use the alley way for rubbish or smoking. Secondly though, it makes sure that things are clean and safe and things like outside pests are not encouraged.

3. Rubbish

Ok there’s bins at the rear, but making sure people bother to take them here is critical. Also, one occupier had arranged a separate recycling company to collect their own recycle waste, however leaving bags at the main entrance - not great for first impressions again, so a simple thing to arrange to be left in the rear alley.

4. Extra Cleans

There are times when that extra clean is needed, whether it’s a deep clean of areas, carpet clean to really lift things, window cleaning of both inside and outside panes, and even in all the hidden store cupboards and areas not normally used or seen. What’s even better is when these are planned in advance so that they can be periodically pencilled in without the hassle of having to go through all over again. Simple, and easy.

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