office areas to cleaan easy cleanersOffice cleaning can take all shapes and forms, from small surface offices to sizeable corporate floor plates. This may also be a one-off deep clean from say the COVID lockdowns or regular daily clean to manage everyday use.

Although each job and property is different, and a bespoke proposal is needed, there are some general areas to bear in mind.

Therefore, here are the five main sections or areas of a typical office to remember and the cleaning issues to consider.

1. The Reception

As well as visitors, even regular employees can notice this when they first come into work in the morning.

Therefore, focus on the visual areas such as the main reception desk and any signage on the walls or meet-and-greet areas.

Surfaces such as the reception desk or coffee table need attention, and the seating must also be nicely polished and clutter-free. Also, ensure that any seating and cloth is clean with no stains or dirt, and of course, the floor covering or mat is nicely spruced up.

2. Meeting Rooms

These may be a small breakout area or a large board meeting room that often get missed with people coming and going all day, and therefore need to be looked at at at least on a daily basis.

Watch out for the basics, such as removing dirty mugs and glasses and making sure seating is backed arranged correctly.

Of course, the table and any sideboard may need a good polish and even any paintings or blinds on display.

3. The Main Office Area

These are often large open plan areas where everyone typically is for the bulk of the cleaning work.

Be clear on how each workstation must be left, whether that's just neatly rearranging items, moving pieces of paper, or a more diligent clean of the keyboard and surface area.

Removing old coffee mugs and such can be significant, as well as emptying the bins and disposing of any recycling paper.

Obviously, a complete vacuum of the carpeted floor is essential and ensuring that trailed cables do not cause a trip hazard if there are any late office workers.

4. Welfare Facilities

These often include a small kitchen area which maybe even into a small breakout canteen and of course, toilet facilities.

However, these may not be directly included if they're in a multi-let property and therefore cleaned by others.

Always ensure the basics are tidy, such as pots and mugs manually washed or in the dishwasher, carefully hanging towels and arranging them to be cleaned, and removing items such as used paper towels.

In the toilet facility, a full clean of all the surfaces and prone areas, such as sinks and, of course, toilet basins, etc., must be appropriately cleaned with separate systems in place for them.

Finally, you often get a hard floor that requires mopping in these areas, which is usually the last job to do before leaving.

5. Storage Areas

These are often quickly forgotten, altogether where things can easily pile up and junk items are left.

Watch out for issues such as shredded paper being spread everywhere, which will need removing, and a general tidy up of old cardboard boxes and dusty areas.

Getting all Office Areas Cleaned Up

Therefore, as you arrange the cleaning of an office area directly or through a local cleaning company, make sure you cover all areas of the office.

Some may not be your direct responsibility for say a shared building, for example, meeting rooms and welfare facilities. But they are still worth clarifying with a landlord or party arranging this, to ensure adequately covered.

You can then agree on a final specification and schedule timing of planning to make sure that all office areas are kept spick and span.