With Birmingham being the second largest city in the UK then, it will naturally attract a lot of business activity and opportunities. Plus, its central location in the country makes it an ideal physical location for local businesses and organisations.

Therefore, here are a few highlights of the business scene in Birmingham and reasons why the city needs serious consideration.

Reasons why Birmingham is good for business

Birmingham has a good historical legacy of business activities stretching right back from the heart of the industrial revolution and the beginning of large corporates like Lloyds bank (and HSBC from its HQ in Canary Wharf) and Cadburys chocolate.

There are also important clusters of certain businesses within the city that will attract others, for example, Colmore Row Business District in the city centre and near important locations like New Street station and Bullring Shopping Centre. Also up-and-coming ones like the Jewellery Quarter and St Pauls Square. There are also helpful venues like this Symphony Hall and Arena Birmingham plus the National Exhibition Centre.

Its important location of canals and roads etc has helped its growth over the decades and centuries. There are good transport routes through and around the city, including a series of motorways, such as the M42 and M5 and M6 forming a circle around the whole city, and the four main ones stemming off being the M6 to the east and north, the M5 to the Southwest and the M40 towards London. In addition to the Grand Central Station in the centre of Birmingham plus others such as Snowhill, there is, of course, the HS2 line that runs through Birmingham starting from London to the further north.

Birmingham also has a good pedigree of education and university institutions, including the Birmingham City Business School. There are also entities like the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and the Innovation, Birmingham campus.

There is also a good labour pool in the city, which is on the increase, including those moving to the West Midlands region and the attraction of students from the universities etc.

Business operating costs will also generally be lower in Birmingham compared to say the capital city London, whether that’s property and location, costs or salary. s local Birmingham cleaners we certainly see this with cleaning costs, whether that’s a regular office cleaning contract or end-of-tenancy domestic cleaning where businesses will be pleasantly surprised by the fair rates in the city compared to other regions in the country.

Remember to check out Birmingham business rates liabilities

We hear about this a lot from local businesses in Birmingham that have to pay business rates on the commercial properties that they occupy. This is, of course, an issue all over the country, and the Birmingham area, it’s important to contact Birmingham City Council or any other appropriate ones around the edge of the conurbation to establish exactly what this liability is. You can search for your rateable value at the VOA website by clicking here however, the billing authority will determine the end bill and apply any discounts such as a small business rates relief.

It’s important to identify changes in this from revaluation points such as April 2023 and whether this will increase or decrease from specific industries.

Where to find the local Birmingham business news

There are various online points such as the Business Desk, and Business Live Birmingham World. There are also paper and online versions of local newspapers such as Birmingham Mail, the Express and Star.

What is the economy like in Birmingham?

With being the biggest city in the UK and therefore one of the most prosperous regions of the UK with GDP worth an estimated £31 billion in 2020. The economy now offers a diversity of industries away from the original manufacturing ones from the industrial revolution, including modern service industries, retailing, and tourism.

What is the main industry of Birmingham?

Two immediate industries that are well established in Birmingham are the car factories of Jaguar in Castle Bromwich and MG Rover in Longbridge. Second is the Jewellery Quarter where a third of the U.K.’s jewellery is manufactured just off the city centre of Birmingham.

Birmingham was originally the home of great scientists like Matthew Boulton and James Watt and William Murdoch, which led Birmingham to be the first manufacturing town in the world and claims to fame like the first ever working steam engine here.

What resources are available about the Birmingham economy?

Birmingham City Council, the government website, and the greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce are two resources to turn to when wanting the latest on the economy and businesses within Birmingham. You can also look at the local Universities and colleges for input and sources of news such as the business desk.