german christmas market birminghamIt’s fully back this year after being reduced following the Covid pandemic – the Birmingham Christmas market!

For those who aren’t aware, this is a massive event in the centre of Birmingham that attracts many visitors to the city and helps many local businesses.

After all, it’s the largest authentic German Christmas Market outside Germany itself in good old Birmingham.

As we cover office cleaning in the centre of Birmingham, we hear feedback from occupiers, including workers making the most of this sociable time.

Therefore, to get people quickly up to speed on this, here are a few quick answered questions on it:

german christmas market victoria square birmingham

Will there be a German Christmas Market in Birmingham this year in 2022?

A resounding yes!

So 2022 begins on Thursday, 3rd November, and ends on Friday, 23rd December, just before Christmas itself.

What day and time is the German Market in Birmingham?

It’s open every day of the week from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm, except for Remembrance Sunday on 12th November, when it will start later at 1 pm.

Where is it located?

The central part is in Victoria Square, stretching down New Street to end just before the Bull Ring Shopping Centre.

However, heading towards the Library of Birmingham and Symphony Hall, you often see other attractions and rides.

german christmas market colmore row birminghamWhat can you get at the market?

In short, there are two main things available.

The first is food and drinks, including favourites like German beers, festive mulled wines, and different savoury and sweet dishes.

Secondly, a range of gifts and crafts to buy, often making lovely Christmas presents for people.

And don’t forget legendary Birmingham's singing Christmas moose (Chris Moose).

How can you get to the market?

The best way is public transport, whether local buses, train lines from the outer edges of Birmingham or other cities, or even the tramline from locations like Wolverhampton.

You’ll then quickly arrive just a few minutes away at places like Grand Central Station.

If you’re using a car, make sure you locate the best, most affordable car parks that are still open until you leave, and note things like the Birmingham City Council car park on Navigation Street not having a lift.

Of yes, and make sure you pay any new Clean Air Zone (CAZ) charge for some vehicles.

Do we have any tips for making the moat of the German Christmas Market in Brum?

german christmas market new street birminghamSure, after years of us personally going here and also serving local cleaning jobs, whether an end-of-tenancy clean in a nearby apartment block or a commercial office clean contract, here are a few tips:

1. Get wrapped up

As the winter weather kicks in, be ready for this as you stand and walk outside for what could be several hours.

Whether it’s an umbrella for the rain or a hat, gloves, scarf and good old coat for when it gets chilly – it will soon pay off.

2. Remember other local services

When you’re in the city centre, remember that there are many ‘normal’ businesses and services to make the most of.

So, maybe some Christmas shopping at the Bull Ring or heading over towards the Mailbox or Brindley Place for a sit-down meal and drinks.

Plus, those on your doorsteps, like the Starbucks at the end of Colmore Row or shops down New Street.

3. Plan where you use toilets

Public toilets are available at the junction of Victoria Square and Waterloo Street, and New Street railway station.

Or if you are genuinely using other coffee shops and pubs, there will be these to use as well.

4. Remember, it can get busy

It gets popular, which helps create the right buzz, but it can get busy and crowded at times!

Plus, if you’re with a group, ensure you don’t get split up and carefully watch young children or vulnerable people.

5. What do you do with rubbish?

Now, this is something we’re familiar with as local Birmingham cleaners!

It’s incredible how much rubbish is generated from here, which, if you’re not careful, can cause problems. Watch out for the correct bins to leave items in or take them away with you.

However, don’t rush to leave or throw away glasses from drinking, as often a deposit was paid to be returned.

The 2022 Birmingham Christmas Market is here

As this legendary market is here this week, now’s the time to make the most of it and plan a time here before Christmas.

It’s an excellent opportunity to invite friends and family from further afield and link with everyday life, whether meeting with work colleagues after work or a planned social visit at the weekend with some Christmas shopping.

You can check out more info on the official website here, and if you have any other queries or points we can add to this post, contact us here.