stairs cleanAs local office cleaners in Birmingham, we see get to see a wide range of offices and commercial properties when it comes to cleaning needs.

Often the big and glitzy ones are easy to focus on, whereas the more minor and older or ‘secondary’ properties get missed in all areas from Digbeth to West Bromwich.

Budgets are restricted, and people are less fussy, but dirt builds up before the tipping point and a complete deep clean being needed.

Here’s a great example where we helped wave the magic wand of a deep clean to help produce great results for the client.

Plus, here are some pictures to give you a flavour of what this is all about and five general points to bear in mind when you’re arranging or procuring such a deep clean in an office or commercial building:

1. Cleaning up the floor

This often needs that extra mile cleanup beyond the usual vacuum clean or quick mop.

Like with this example, with a solid floor, it took a deep mop with hot water or get the dirt and grime up from within the stone and give it that wow factor.

A final polish, floor protection, and a separate carpet cleaning may also be needed.

Plus, watch out for the extras, like skirting boards and kick plates around the edges and focusing on areas like the edge of each step and around and under mats at the entrance points.

2. Getting the proper substances

stairs clean officeYou’ll probably need something more than your usual substances to get serious about ridding the mess in the office areas.

Bleach is often the hardcore measure, but ideally not, with good alternatives now available to save potential damage and harm from use.

In this example, we used a Citra cleaning product from citrus extracts for a nice touch and finish.

Plus, don’t forget the health and safety side of things with using these – whether data sheets, emergency kits and PPE-like gloves when being used

3. The detailed features

You need to hunt around and dig out the features on the walls, ceilings etc., to get them nicely scrubbed up.

For example, the bannister railings for the stairs often collect dust and mess in between them, and it takes time to clean up each one carefully.

Plus, doorways and architraves around them – and items like handles and push plates.

There may also be shelves, window sills and furniture like reception tables etc., that need some TLC.

4. Going higher and deeper

corridor cleanAnother perspective to remember is what is higher than what you usually see, particularly on the ceiling and edges of the walls.

Things like cobwebs get stuck here over time and soon stick out like a sore thumb once you notice them. Getting a good old duster on a stick can help reach these areas, and if necessary, a careful wipe down afterwards.

Also, look for things like picture rails, blinds, light fittings, and ceiling projectors that can soon collect dirt. We’ve even seen damage on an office false ceiling from bottles of champagne being opened!

Okay, some of these might be too much even for a deep clean, or risky with working at height – in which case communicate to the building manager to make other arrangements

5. Getting the power and the water

These two things are essential for a deep clean and get forgotten – an electricity socket for a vacuum cleaner and a water supply to use a mop and bucket.

Ideally, the water will be hot and cold and be ready even more if you have a carpet cleaned.

Plus, with the power, try to keep local without having to trail cable extensions everywhere.

Not only might you need additional points with a deep clean, but the usual ones you use during office hours may not be accessible outside of hours; therefore, carefully plan and arrange access.

Going deep and meaningful with an office clean

Similar cleaning principles can make things nice and clean no matter what type of commercial space you occupy – an open-plan office, communal stairwell, or rough-and-ready workshop area.

And if done correctly, it removes dirt, improves hygiene, and gives that wow-factor appearance.

Therefore, plan this carefully with other interests like managing agents, office managers, and contractors. Then confirm a complete specification before finally procuring a good office deep clean.