When we get asked for a proposal for an end-of-tenancy clean in Birmingham and the wider West Midlands, it’s essential to understand the basic details straight off the bat.

end of tenancy cleaning tips cleanersStating the obvious is essential to ensure the proposal is just right. Ideally, this needs to be a fixed cost, so people know precisely what to budget for, with no nasty surprises afterwards.

Although it may sound simple with a tenant moving out and cleaning up before the landlord gets the keys back. However, it's more complicated once you get into the details, and when there are obligations in the lease and inventory.

However, the good news is that this can be easy to confirm and boil down to these three key areas, which we can all summarise as beginning with the letter S;

1. The Size of the property

Dead simple, really - tell us how big your home is!

Generally speaking, the bigger the property, the more work and, therefore, cost will be involved, although maybe not as much as you might think after taking into account being there anyway. So a small flat clean in Birmingham city centre will differ from a large detached house in Edgbaston

How do you explain the size of your domestic home or let property? Start with the type of property, like a studio apartment in the Jewellery quarter of a semi-detached house in Solihull, along with the number of bedrooms.

Then, explain any other particular areas, such as conservatories, additional study or storage areas, and any outside parts.

2. The cleaning Specification

Next is saying what you need to cover in your end-of-tenancy clean. Although most work will be the same for most customers, it’s essential to know how far we need to go. This may be from the landlord’s demands or how dirty the place is!

So oven cleaning and carpet cleaning are really separate jobs that will cost, although don’t worry, these will be at discounted rates.

Plus, there are other complementary ones such as window cleaning and even getting into a landscaper's area of expertise with say patio cleaning outside.

There’s also the inclusion of furniture and items such as cutlery and plates etc. provided with the letting, therefore needing a full clean ready to be returned.

3. The unique Situation

The final point is your unique situation that we can quickly work around once we know what this is.

Access is one of these, as well as how we can get into the property and quickly drive there say and bring cleaning substances and equipment.

Often, the flat or house may already be empty, so keys may need collecting from a letting agent, or we need to arrange access with the tenant, who may be busy anyway with leaving arrangements.

There’s also the expectation and involvement of the landlord or managing agent on what needs going according to any legal documentation, mainly when the release of the tenant's deposit is at stake.

Don’t worry, with experience of this as per any professional cleaning company within Birmingham, and can even help with those conversations and communication.

The start of your end-of-tenancy cleaning service

These three basic factors will help easily provide a proposal for your end-of-tenancy cleaning to ensure it’s effectively carried out. After all, this is the riskiest cleaning service we carry out because of these potentially varying factors and issues with what other people are expecting!

But get these right - the right size of the job, the full specification of cleaning, and then unique situations - and you’re easily sorted.

Therefore, contact us for an immediate non-obligation proposal to show how this should be done, guaranteed.