property owners tips for cleanersAlthough the main task of a cleaner is, of course, to carry out a satisfactory clean of the house or commercial premises, there can be some small ways that they can go further to help the property owner or occupier out.

We often see this with end-of-tenancy cleaning services to help the landlord or letting agent out at a domestic house or flat, which is then empty, ready for a new tenant.

Often simply having a cleaner there to do a few little extra jobs can save someone else or another contractor having to re-attend. Therefore, here are five simple ways to help out.

1. Meter Reads

The main three are gas, electricity, and even possibly water, although there can be things like checking aerial and phone/internet points as well.

As long as they are easily accessible and it's clear where the meters are and even how many readings these are to take, such as the electricity meter, then this could be a possibility.

On a practical note, this could be simply taken on a camera phone and sent across to the appropriate contact.

2. Light bulbs

A quick look around each room and turning each light on can quickly reveal if any bulbs have gone.

This doesn't necessarily mean that they have to be replaced by the cleaner but simply relay how many need changing and the rough sort of bulbs can help the owner arrange this afterwards.

There are also extra ones such as those underneath kitchen units or around mirrors in bedrooms and bathrooms.

3. Keys and Codes

Going beyond just quickly getting into the property with a key provided, then time could be taken to ensure that other key copies also work in the door.

This might also include over doors such as at the rear or even internal or external storage areas with separate keys.

There may also be alarm codes and even key fobs and cards in readers to open doors that can be checked, particularly in multi-occupied apartment blocks.

4. Post

It's amazing how much old post will still come through the letterbox even though no one may be living at the property.

At the very least these could be placed tidily in a pile and even any obvious junk mail and flyers are thrown away.

However, care is taken that no important items are removed. The remaining ones could then be dropped off at the landlord or letting agent or returned by post.

5. Little Extras

The final point is various ad hoc extras and jobs that could be carried out or checked while at the property.

This may be for conveniences such as ensuring there are toilet rolls and making a note or taking photos such as lampshades and curtains and blinds.

A quick visual check of the outdoor areas and garden may also be helpful, and even happen to take any extra rubbish that has been collected.

Going the Extra Mile With Cleaning

Therefore, as you practically try and make arrangements for particularly empty properties, then working alongside a good cleaner can provide great help.

Being clear on these extra items and observations and agreeing on a fair basis and way of communicating can pay dividends in the future.

If you want any further advice on how to make this nice and easy, then contact us here for immediate no-obligation feedback to help.