how much end of tenancy cleaning cost pricesUnderstandably, this is the most popular question when we provide an end-of-tenancy cleaning proposal for a customer, exactly what it will cost.

But, unfortunately, there is never a black and white answer, as it depends very much on the specific job in question.

However, once you establish a few essential pieces of information, a fixed price proposal can be issued straight away.

What is the Average Price of an End-of-Tenancy Clean?

According to Checkatrade, this is £310 on average across the country and ranges from £190 to £500.

However, we find them below £190 for a smaller, easier property. This is the most significant factor which affects the cost of an end-of-tenancy clean, the size of the property.

This can often be expressed by the number of bathrooms and rooms at the house, including extras like conservatories and basements, and also the type of property, for example, flat or detached house.

Another factor is in the property's specific location; this will affect how easily and quickly individual cleaners can arrive at the property, considering any practical issues like parking costs and the ability to carry equipment to the property.

So a high-rise flat in the centre of Birmingham with parking restrictions and no lift will be more complex than even a larger property directly from, say, the M42.

The final factor is how far people want to go with the end-of-tenancy clean and whether to include extras, such as window cleaning, oven cleaning, and complete carpet cleaning services.

There may also be many furniture and items left at the property, which needs addressing and maybe even replenishing. For example, in some shared accommodation and Airbnb lets, additional items such as tile and bedding, restocking toilet and kitchen facilities, and consumables can be used.

In addition, involvement in removing lots of rubbish may also increase the cost and using cleaner’s own cleaning substances and specialist ones for dealing with say those stubborn stains.

What's the Difference Between an End-of-Tenancy Cleaning Quote and Invoice in the UK?

An initial quote is a proposal of the proposed cost before actually starting the work. Ideally, this should be as detailed as possible to a specific job, and a fixed price or at least a better and worst-case scenario, depending on the situation.

An invoice for end-of-tenancy cleaning services is then issued after the successful completion of the job and is about the actual payment then needed from the customer.

This should have bank details on there, the party’s correct name, and any necessary items like the VAT stated. This may well have slightly increased or decreased from the original quote because of any extra or less work carried out that both parties agreed to.

Who Pays for an End-of-Tenancy Clean?

The tenant will often need to arrange and compete for this, as they have an obligation in the lease or inventory before handing back the property in a clean and tidy condition.

However, a landlord may need to arrange it directly for a tenant once the house or flat is vacant and they get their keys back from a tenant.

This may still be needed for a deeper clean or to remedy a poor clean that the tenant has carried out, which the landlord may try and claim back from their rental deposit.

Can a Landlord Charge for an End-of-Tenancy Clean?

By default, they shouldn't do; however, the specific lease agreement needs to be checked to see if they can in the circumstances.

The tenant must provide a clean property back to their landlord, and even if they did, then the landlord may try and carry one out themselves and try to recharge the tenant.

Rather than a direct recharge of such cost, the landlord will then often try to deduct it from the rent deposit going back to the tenant.

Determining the Best Price and Cost for an End-of-Tenancy Clean.

In short, it's best to give specific details of a job in question to a local cleaning company to get the best and most accurate price as soon as possible.

Therefore, as above, the size of the property, its location and accessibility, and how far the cleaning needs to go with specific items are the main ones to confirm.

There should then be a fixed proposal and quote that everyone is clear about and ready to instruct.

Of course, if you need an example of an excellent way to quote for an end-of-tenancy clean, then do contact us here.