Cleaning office and commercial business areas can undoubtedly be very eye-opening to see what issues develop. Even more so nowadays with fewer people in them as we slowly emerge in the post pocked-down world and there are less people to spot and report any issues. 

Which is where a good office cleaner comes in. We can be your eyes and ears to the ground.

With transparent reporting procedures and a picture phone at hand, we can soon identify problems so they can then be dealt with, over and beyond a usual regular of deep clean of the office areas.

Therefore, here are three examples we recently spotted in an office block, enabling the property manager to arrange repairs and communicate with tenants.

1. Over Use

carpet damage easy cleanersHere’s a picture of the carpet in a communal corridor after a tenant recently moved out of their office space.

On first impressions, you might think some marks can easily be cleaned out the carpet; however, a few hours later, we soon had the actual facts of the matter.

After careful inspection, it’s clear that these are deep grooves in the carpet from moving furniture around - oops.

Of course, they still need cleaning thoroughly to see if they can be improved and dirt removed from them, but alas, with little result.

So quick dialogue soon happened with the on-site receptionist to help determine when and how this was caused with a report to the property manager.

2. Over Cautious

cleaning signs lift easy cleanersHere we have a loft out of action; therefore, a sign is understandably needed.

But three different signs is really going over the top and making the place look like a harsh and dangerous position - plus a trip hazard with them protruding into the walk area in front.

This is a classic issue we see a lot of the time - either no or too much effort to warn of a potential hazards.

Having clear and helpful signs ready to go is good, and the procedure for who and when they are added is essential. Plus, they also need removing when the problem is fixed, or floor area and potential slip hazard stopped.

3. Over Cleaned

covid touch point door clean easy cleanersThis is shameful to see really, and the result of one of the tenant cleaners here.

Being overzealous on the regular touch-point cleans under the COVID-19 restrictions of the last eighteen months has now caused damage to the actual wooden door.

Rather than carefully being applied to only the metal hand pad itself; it’s been regularly stretched over onto the wood - and potentially with the wrong cleaning substance. So, now after causing this sort of damage may mean the whole door is replaced or at least resurfaced.

That’s just sloppy office cleaning that has not been monitored.

Getting the Right Use of Cleaning in Commercial Offices

As you look at regular or one-off deep cleans in such commercial areas, agreeing on a correct specification of the clean is vital to ensure you get the right results.

Plus, this needs to include how things are done, not just what things are done.

Having a helpful office cleaner with ears to the ground to spit things and straightforward ways to action them will undoubtedly pay dividends (a fewer repair bills) over time