spring clean easy cleaners birminghamWhen it comes to a good ol’ spring clean, the secret is to go that extra mile than any other general clean. Whether it’s literally in spring or some other time of year, it’s always worth going this extra mile not only look fresh but have the peace of mind that all those hidden germs and dirt have been eradicated.
Our spring cleaning in Birmingham and the West Midlands service helps detail the sort of areas we cover as part of this service – if you’re tackling yourself, or you have a cleaner doing it for you, here are a few tips to get most from your spring cleaning (there's also a helpful post here with a whopping 43 points):

1. Delight in Decluttering

This not only means clearing up items that have been left everywhere, but going through all your hidden and not-so-popular items and having a good old clear out. Whether it’s a book shelf of books or a box of kid’s toys, now spend time to get roofless.
In addition, make sure the moved items are somewhere productive rather than just being left around – maybe a lost and found box, or even a box to sell things on eBay. 

2. Accessorise Nicely

Those finishing touches will make all the difference, whether a fresh vase of flowers, new scented candles, or even small pictures and décor items. Such small visual items can suddenly transform the whole look or feel of a room

3.  Rope in Some Help 

It’s easy to take it on board yourself, but get others involved as well. Not only will this ease your own burden, but it can help others get stuck in and do something productive, a classic example being children and teenagers. 

4.  Go in Deep

Remember that everything needs doing well, and a much deeper clean. So not just a quick flick with a duster but a proper clean with water and suitable substances, to get rid of those nasty bits and pieces.

5. Bling up Seen Surfaces 

Okay, you’re on the home run, so add that special wow factor to things, after all you’ve already done all the hard work. Polish is great for that nice look and smell.

6. Don’t Forget Outside 

Although it can be a whole new job don’t forget the great outdoors, particularly if you’re heading into summer. Whether a patio and BBQ area, or outside garage and store, it may be worth doing this all at the same tim 
In short, you need to think outside the box and consciously complete those little extra jobs that you wouldn’t normally do. Without this focus, and in the frenzy of wanting to complete its easy to default back into the old ways, whereas these 7 nifty tips will help keep you on track