kitchen clean easy cleaners birminghamWhen you're cleaning kitchen and food preparation areas, you need to get serious. Whether that's your own messy kitchen at home, the communal area at work, or the pivitel part of say your restaurant business.
It's a potential breeding ground for bacteria and germs, and as well as looking and smelling great, you need to make sure it's all fully hygienic  behind the scenes, and every Food Hygiene box ticked off.
Like with a lot of cleaning tasks though, once you know what to tackle you can often get a smooth routine going with it, or if you're bringing in cleaners then know the sort of things to watch out for. Therefore here are a few good kick-ass tips that can help you get on top of your kitchen and catering area with as little fuss as possible:

1. Go From Top to Bottom

This is a great general rule of thumb anyway, as in you start cleaning at the top with say a feather duster removing cobwebs at ceiling level, right down to final floor cleaning to finish off. This works on the basis that dirt naturally works itself downwards, and therefore you limit the chance of already-cleaned areas then getting messy again.
With kitchen areas in particular, remember that the very last area to consider is probably the sink rather than the floor through, as this will be your regular source of water and rinsing cloths, and will need that final touch up.

2. Get the Real Dirt Dealt With 

Don't be fogged off with nice looking kitchen areas, when there can a piles of mess lurking away in the background. Because these kitchen areas will be processing so much 'stuff' and waste, then it's going to end up somewhere.
So check drains, and any kind of extraction and refuse facility. Dig right down and get all those grease traps and descaling lime scale areas all dug out and cleaned up perfectly.

3. Gorgeous Food Preperation Areas Are Key 

But don't then forget the final finished workshop and good preparation areas - they will not only add that per-zaz back when correctly cleaned, but the ever so important hygienne factor to these areas where bare food will be prepared.
So get rid of stubborn stains, remove all crumbs, correctly wipe off the sinks areas, and include any special cleaning substances.

4. Grab All Utensils & Clean

They will be there somewhere, all the pots, pans, cutlery, and equipment that is regularly used be people. 
Get them all correctly scrubbed up separately, often the last job when they can then all go back in the freshly cleaned storage areas.

5. Guage What Equipment Needs Tackling

Don't forget the nuts and bolt equipment of the modern kitchen area - ovens, microwaves, kettles, toasters, and coffee machines. 
They may require special cleans, according to special manufacturer instructions, but whatever is needed, make sure it's done correctly.

6. Going into Hidden Places

Behind that swish finished kitchen should be a slick storage system, that may not be easily seen by your eye, but unfortunately found by dirt ad dust. So even though it's a hassle taking all that equipment out from say the cupboards, it's worth it in order to get to the hidden corners and shelves and get all nicely cleaned up
So when it comes to tackling the kitchen and food preparation areas, whether at home or work, then have a reality check and realise that there's going to have to be a few extra-mile steps to take to make sure they not only look great, but are nice and hygienic behind the scenes.
So whether you’re doing it yourself or you're having those liek Easy Cleaners do it for you, go through these pointers and make sure reality matches the theory. You'll the be freed up to enjoy the area, and all the tasty (and safe) food and drink that comes from it.