spring cleaning tips abc easy cleanersWe’re now in that part of the year post-Easter when it’s time to look at a good ol' Spring clean ready for the summer months ahead.

Typically, these are for people’s own homes and getting the house ship-shape, but we do see versions of these elsewhere. So, maybe a good end-of-tenancy clean if a lease is coming to an end or a deep clean of an office or commercial building as well.

No matter what your area is, you can go beyond a standard cleaning service and FULLY clean up your domestic or commercial property.

So, what is a spring clean?

In short, it’s carrying out a thorough clean of your living or work area. It will cover more areas, clean them more profoundly, and often take longer than usual.

When is the best time to carry out a spring time?

Any time, but often the trigger events are the nicer weather in the Spring coming out of that hibernation feel of the winter or a change in circumstances like a new tenant or business situation.

Even if it’s not ready to complete yet, make sure you plan a spring clean to agree on the correct basis with a local cleaning company around Birmingham or wherever and prepare things such as access, clearing items away, and informing others.

How to spring clean easily

Without getting bogged down with details yet, here are three simple stages to look at when carrying out a spring clean, with each one matching the first few letters of the alphabet of ABC:

1. AREAS to be covered

It’s essential to look into other areas of your home or business premises that you may not usually include in a regular general clean and that, therefore, can be hidden or forgotten if you are not careful.

So, maybe there are storage cupboards under the stairs, utility rooms, or basement cellars and outbuildings, which are more of a junk area.

Also, remember the items in a room that need a spring clean, such as ovens and kitchen equipment, wardrobes and beds in the bedroom, and even carpets. These may need a separate clean, but any good local cleaning company can quickly provide one at discounted rates.

2. BASIS to be agreed

You can check out more here about our spring cleaning services to help you understand what’s covered, but in short, it's more thorough and wide-ranging than a usual cleaning specification.

Examples include dealing with stubborn scuffs and marks on walls rather than just simple dust, making sure furniture like the sofa and cupboards are moved out of the way to vacuum clean thoroughly, and wiping surfaces behind and underneath these.

Going further upwards is also essential, for example dusting and wiping around lampshades, curtain rails, and picture rails.

Also, remember the broader tasks that are not necessarily pure cleaning, such as decluttering and removing unused items, and special clean of items like bed mattresses and clothing.

In short, create a comprehensive spring cleaning checklist that covers everything you need it to.

3. COST to budget for

An important issue, of course, is how much this will all cost!

It’s essential to request a full quote and price from a professional sping cleaning company for this. Go through the agreed cleaning specification and other issues such as what time of day, any cleaning equipment and substances included, and if several cleaners are involved to get this covered quickly.

An hourly cleaning rate is a good start, but make sure you get a final quoted cleaning price to work to. Ensure this includes any extras like carpet or oven cleaning services, and apply any expected discounts.

Arranging the proper spring cleaning service around Birmingham and beyond

No matter where you are based in the country, the same principles apply when understanding what you want a spring clean to cover. Firstly, the areas this includes; secondly, the basis and specification; and thirdly, the total cost of the spring cleaning service.

If you’re in and around Birmingham, we can EASILY cover this and provide a specific spring cleaning quote, general advice, and any help. CONTACT US NOW for immediate help and advice.