essential points end of tenancy cleaning easy cleanersAlthough cleaning the property at the end of a tenancy is simple in theory, there is more to it in practice.

Not only have you got to carefully ensure that the quality of the clean matches the expectation of the landlord and obligations under any leases or inventory, but you also need to know the boundary of where this leads to.

After all, some things may need to be included but others excluded, which can get easily missed and cause problems afterwards.

Therefore, here are three main issues to always consider with a satisfactory end of tenancy clean.

1. The Right Areas Are Left Empty

These include storage cupboards and shelves, particularly in kitchen utility areas, to make sure any rubbish is removed and cleaning of any hidden grime and dust is completed. You may also need to ensure that certain items are kept, such as cutlery and kitchenware.

There are also other hidden areas such as cupboards under stairs, a basement or cellar, or even a loft area within a roof if access has been allowed.

The other critical areas to ensure are correctly addressed are any electronic goods in the kitchen, namely fridge and freezers. Not only will these need to be removed of any old food and items and then thoroughly cleaned, but they need to be turned off and defrosted beforehand.

This is important before the end of tenancy clean happens to ensure they're ready for a final spruce up without having to wade through areas of frost.

2. Hidden and Forgotten Areas.

These typically include the outside of the property, for example, balconies, garages, and garden or yard areas. Although they won't need the same level of cleanliness as inside the house or flat, they will still need a basic clear and spruce up.

However, some areas may not do, and therefore, explicitly agreeing with the landlord or letting agent is key to this.

In addition, there may be other forgotten areas, such as the actual walls in each room.

Usually, these should allow some fair wear and tear and usual scuff marks on them. But in other cases, they may need a more detailed wipe and dust, particularly over things like dado and picture rails.

3. Carrying Out the Extra Cleaning on Specific Areas

So, the third thing to consider with an end of tenancy clean is only going so far before needing to bring in a very specific deeper clean of certain areas.

There's three of these, in particular, to be aware of.

Firstly, window cleaning. A proper window cleaner may be required, particularly for higher-level windows needing ladders and cleaning from the outside, from a pole.

Secondly, an oven clean typically gets full of dirt and grime that sticks inside and needs a specific form of clean to get it spick and span. This will include any grills, and trays, etc., in there.

Thirdly, carpets may need a specific carpet clean with a specialist carpet cleaning machine. Often this is one of the last jobs to do when everywhere else is clear and to help give the final lift to the floor covering.

3 Ways to go the Extra Mile With End of Tenancy Cleaning

Going through these above three points will help make sure that any end of tenancy clean is done accurately to the satisfaction both of the landlord and tenant at the property.

It means carefully looking at hidden areas in cupboards and ensuring electrical goods are properly defrosted and cleaned. Secondly, those extra hidden areas are often outside the property to be aware of.

And thirdly, know when you need to go into a much more detailed clean, for example, window cleaning, oven cleaning, and carpet cleaning.