spring clean timings erasy cleanersIt’s that time of year again when the famous Spring Clean comes back into fashion, as we shift from the winter to the spring and start getting our homes and even businesses in ship-shape!

As local Birmingham cleaners, at this time of year we are geared up and ready for these in whatever capacity. Plus, other additional cleaning services such as any holiday or short-term stay becoming popular in the better weather.

You can find more details here on our spring clean and helpful tips on completing spring cleans here. In short, it’s a thorough deep clean that goes the extra mile into all the nooks and crannies to remove that often-hidden dirt and grime.

Whether you plan to do it yourself or you’re looking for a local domestic or commercial cleaner to make it easy for you, here are a few points to consider about the TIMING of this. This is particularly for this year 2024, but of course related to others in the future as well!

1. It’s an early Easter

Right on the very last day of March, Easter this year is on the 31st of March 2024. It doesn’t even make into April as most years, and therefore in just over a month we’ll be leading right into it and any holidays around the weekend!

Therefore, plan things now, and see how any school or work holidays fall around this, potentially more afterwards to compensate for early Easter weekend.

2. There’s an extra day

Yes, this year is a leap year, therefore we have an additional day on the 29th of February in the calendar!

Watch out for missing this if you count the days on your finger so to speak, so things don’t get a day out of sync. Whether that’s booking in a local cleaning company, arranging delivery of cleaning substances like a new mop and cloths or booking time off work.

3. Half term is about here

Depending of course what the local areas' schools say, any day now will be the half term holidays.

These are an undervalued asset when it comes to cleaning, both this and the main holiday around Easter!

With time freed up in holidays, then book this in straight away, particularly at the start of the holiday when you’re all good to go and can reap the benefits afterwards. As well as physically having your home and business cleaner, you’ll feel so much better once you see things cleaned up through a thorough spring one.

You can also hopefully arrange trips to the tip or charity shops with old items you don’t need, and go direct to shops to choose the best cleaning equipment and PPE.

Plus, don’t forget the kids! Even if you need to incentivise them with pocket money and threats of household chores, getting them involved in such clean-ups is a win-win situation (even if just their bedrooms).

4. February’s double celebrations

This month we also have two regular celebrations – Valentine’s Day on the 14th, and Shrove Tuesday the day before on the 13th.

Okay, so things might get messy on these days. The kitchen from baking the pancakes and the rest of the house from opening love presents and bouquets of flowers (hopefully).

Therefore, plan and get these pencilled in straight away to take the stress out and not have to worry about it afterwards.

5. Changing weather patterns

The UK lives up to its reputation again with unpredictable weather now. One minute there’s snowfall this last week, and the next a high pollen count affecting hay fever sufferers.

You’ve just got to do your best to work around and quickly come up with plan B if things change. So, when the weather is fine, make the most of outside areas and any sheds and outbuildings and patio areas that need a clean-up.

And watch out for things like muddy boots and dogs coming back in from walking when the weather outside is dreadful.

Timing the right domestic and commercial spring clean

As you look to plan a spring or deep clean in, then these pointers related to the timing of this are hopefully helpful as you glance through your diary and book things in.

Remember as well that this can be for all kinds of cleans, not just the usual one for your home. So, any other let properties, if you’re planning a move in or out of one anyway, and with business properties.

Need any more help? Contact us as local Birmingham cleaners for a no-obligation proposal to help.