can i do end of tenancy cleaning myselfWe often get asked this question when people are seeking a quotation for end-of-tenancy cleaning services with residential and domestic properties and even some smaller commercial ones.

This is understandable in order to save costs and try a quick clean-up of the place before being handed back to the landlord. Therefore, in simple terms, it is possible to do an end-of-tenancy clean yourself.

However, there is a but. This all depends on the lease agreement and any actual inventory or schedule of condition between the landlord and tenant.

It is basically the benchmark of what cleaning standard the landlord expects as the tenant hands it back in a clean and tidy state after occupying it for however many months or years.

You need to carefully check whether there is a specific clause in the lease saying that a professional cleaning company must be used for the cleaning at the end of the agreement. If such an end-of-tenancy cleaning company is a specific contract term, then, unfortunately, one is needed for the end-of-tenancy clean.

However, even with no specific requirement in there, it's often still worth involving a professional end-of-tenancy cleaning company to make sure the job is correctly done.

Failing this, there can be endless disputes between landlords and tenants regarding what has been missed in the cleaning. The top reason for landlords withholding deposit payments from tenants is actually because of poor cleaning at the property and, therefore, the most significant issue that both will face.

Do You Have to Professionally Clean at the End of the Tenancy?

Therefore, you don't have to have a professional end-of-tenancy clean at the end of an agreement unless this is expressly stated so in the lease.

However, we still always recommend it for the following three reasons.

1. Experience

After doing such end-of-tenancy cleans time and time again to a satisfactory standard, they will know what's needed and how far to go with little things, like, cleaning inside kitchen cupboards and finding out hidden areas like under the stairs.
Without this experience, people will assume things, which may not be the same expectation as what, say, the landlord has.

2. Efficiency

By having that experience and being correctly geared up for the cleaning task, they tend to be more efficient in carrying out the job. A team of two or more cleaners may work closely and can quickly get through say even a small flat in a few hours.

Whereas it may take longer yourself with having breaks or questioning specific items.

Even just having the correct PPE and substances and cleaning equipment can mean you crack on with the job rather than wasting time muddling through.

3. Extras

There may well be extras needed as part of this end-of-tenancy clean because it is stated in the agreement or the condition is so poor that they obviously need it.

The three classic ones are a separate oven clean if there is a lot of dirt and grime and an entire carpet clean if they've been heavily soiled and marked.

You may even need a separate window clean, particularly for the outside window panes in higher upper-level stories.

Is it Worth a Professional End-of-Tenancy Cleaning Company?

Unfortunately, of course, we will be biased in saying yes to this. But there are good reasons why this will pay off to the customer so long as they receive the best value and clean.

When you factor in the time involved or simply get hold of the correct equipment and cleaning substances, it's often worth the price for someone else to do this.

Plus, you can then see the correct level of service not only to look right but to comply with any lease agreement and inventories.

And if there are any disputes with the landlord or tenant, then an excellent end-of-tenancy cleaner will always be there to help resolve and clarify these and go back to resolve any problems.