end of tenancy cleaning questions easy cleanersWe got asked a question the other day about what other services we can provide with an end-of-tenancy clean, and it reminded us of the importance of people knowing everything they need before any instruction to make sure they get the most out of the clean.

After all, these types of cleans are often last minute and done quickly, meaning things can be missed.

Therefore, here are five key questions for a local cleaning company in Birmingham or wherever you’re based. If they can’t quickly answer these, then it may be worth looking elsewhere.

No matter what capacity you’re in, these will still apply – whether a landlord needs to relet a flat or house, a managing agent looking to arrange, or a tenant is moving out of somewhere.

1. Will the cleaning satisfy the inventory?

Such inventories or Schedules of Condition summarise the condition at the beginning of the tenancy in question.
When the tenant leaves, the residential property must be returned to the landlord in the same condition.

If there are any existing problems, such as stained carpets and marked walls, the tenant will usually not be expected to remove them when they leave.

Although these can be long and daunting documents, and it’s not directly a cleaner’s responsibility, it can certainly help to have their feedback on what level of cleaning is needed to satisfy this back to the landlord.

2. Can access be obtained, okay?

This can be more complicated than you might think.

Not only do you need to ensure everything is available – from keys to alarm codes and fobs – but then know where to collect them from.

A typical scenario is where they are left with a managing agent of the vacant flat or house, which will need both collecting and delivering back.

This can be a problem, which a good cleaning company can clarify, and factor in issues such as travel and parking.

3. What equipment needs to be brought by the cleaners?

This is often straightforward in that the cleaners will bring this themselves, not only with regular cleaning services but even more so with an end-of-tenancy scenario where the property is often vacant with no cleaning items left.

But clarify this, and any specific requirements on, say, bleach and whether different floor coverings needs different equipment (and includes cleaning substances and equipment such as vacuum cleaners, cloths, and mops).

4. Can they cover other cleaning services?

This is a definite win-win for everyone if done correctly.

There are often that extra cleaning services to cover, which makes sense for the same cleaner if at the proper basis and price.

A popular one is carpet cleaning to deal with any stains and marks, but also oven cleaning or other kitchen appliances or toilet equipment.

But there can be others, maybe a complete patio clean or an external window clean.

5. How much will it cost, and when is this due?

Of course, the most important question and something that should be quantified in a quote upfront.

This is after all the information about the property – size and number of bedrooms, how far the cleaning needs to go and if furnished, and any existing inventory and condition to go by.

Then watch out for the extras such as VAT on top, travel and material costs, and any abortive costs.

It’s then essential to appreciate when this is due, as often for a cleaning company, it is important to get a payment upfront, particularly from a tenant who then leaves Birmingham or the locality and is hard to locate afterwards.

End of tenancy queries answered

Don’t forget to clarify these five broader queries with a good cleaning company in the rush of agreeing to an end-of-tenancy clean- often at the last minute.

All it takes is an assumption or mistake that goes wrong, leading to wasted time and costs.

In short, our main advice when it comes to cleaning at the end of tenancies is to have an early conversation with everyone. Be crystal clear on what level of cleaning is needed, by when, and how this will be checked.

The rest can then often fit into place.