We were recently looking into an end-of-tenancy clean for a one-bedroom flat and came across a few surprises. It may sound like a simple job at first and in generally good clean condition, but there are a few issues bubbling below the surface.

Therefore, we took some pictures to shat these were and quickly jotted them down here. Once communicated to the landlord’s managing agent, a usual Birmingham residential cleaning service takes on another perspective.

So here goes:

1. The wonky bedroom wardrobe

easy cleaners eot wardrobeThe gap between the top of this wardrobe against the wall is much larger than the one at the bottom.

Something has to be out of line somewhere, and with the wardrobe itself looking pretty solid pine wood, it’s maybe down to the floor, which could be a serious problem with being a first-floor flat.

2. Carpets coming apart

easy cleaners eot stepsThis is technically in the communal stairs to the flats rather than the flat itself for the end-of-tenancy clean, but the same landlord probably still has to deal with everything.

The carpet is pulling away on a stair tread, which looks poor and could be dangerous if people slip in this loos piece.

3. Main entrance door frame looks grubby

easy cleaners eot front doorThis kind of basic mess like cobwebs and dust makes a good cleaner cringe – why hasn’t it been cleaned so far?!

These key entrance areas, which take more people, need that TLC, with other regular cleans being picked up by residents themselves.

4. Scuff marks on walls

easy cleaners eot marksThis is a classic issue seen time and time again, where scuff marks appear on the wall from things like shoes being thrown on the wall near this basket.

These can often be wiped better, although not always everything comes off and with issues of mat paint coming off with a wet cloth.

5. Critical loose light fitting

easy cleaners eot lightAs you look upwards to check high areas like ceilings and light fittings for dust and cleaning, you come across a shock like this, pun not intended!

We won’t even begin to touch this or make any conclusions; tell the landlord immediately to get a sparky in to sort ASAP.

6. Damaged window sills

easy cleaners eot bathroomThis is a good example of what can happen in water-prone areas like a bathroom or kitchen; wooden window sills have flaking paint and even the start of wood rotting away.

In this case, it's from toiletry items being left on here, maybe with water on hands still as well, and although there has been an effort to reduce the risk by a paper cover below, it can still be causing issues with water soaking through.

7. The hidden oven dilemma

easy cleaners eot ovenOven cleaning can be a whole area of issues you dare to open up – all kinds of dust and mess lurking away.

An experienced cleaner will be able to tell you how much work is involved in a PROPER clean-up job and whether a separate full-on oven clean is needed on top.

8. Filthy windows on the outside

easy cleaners eot windowsWell, this can be on the inside as well, of course, but the outside ones cause an issue and will probably be outside the tenant's control. In this case, years of mess from alongside a road.

This can look awful, particularly in summer months with daylight, and genuinely needs an effort to for some proper window cleaning.

9. Water stain alert

easy cleaners eot stainThis sort of stain on a ceiling is a big concern, and whether there is still an active water leak!

Try and see if there is a logical source above this, for example, the kitchen or bathroom of another flat above it, and whether it is still wet or not.

Even if it is an old one, there’s an issue of now treating and getting redecorated.

Watching out for problems when cleaning

This is certainly a great example of how to keep your eyes open, so to speak, when carrying out an end of tenancy or whatever clean like this—being able to spot issues probably has nothing to do with the actual cleaning but being helpful for others to alert them to these.

By taking a photo, sending them a note, and chatting together, cleaners can certainly be a bigger help than first thought!